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Best Paying Jobs in Switzerland

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist34,448 CHF
2.   Physician - Radiology29,235 CHF
3.   Physician - Gastroenterology26,697 CHF
4.   Neurologist25,458 CHF
5.   Physician - Podiatry23,838 CHF
6.   Physician - Nephrology22,536 CHF
7.   Operating Room Services Director21,268 CHF
8.   Ophthalmologist19,880 CHF
9.   Prosthetist19,003 CHF
10.   Physical Therapist17,736 CHF
11.   Director17,054 CHF
12.   International Banking Manager16,779 CHF
13.   Optician16,543 CHF
14.   Deputy CFO16,306 CHF
15.   Phlebotomist16,152 CHF
16.   Supply Chain Manager15,934 CHF
17.   Head of Public Relations15,787 CHF
18.   Deputy Manager15,592 CHF
19.   Registered Respiratory Therapist15,360 CHF
20.   Quality Manager15,202 CHF
21.   Deputy Director15,160 CHF
22.   Foundation Director15,056 CHF
23.   Inventory Accountant14,923 CHF
24.   Commercial Leasing Manager14,833 CHF
25.   Engineering Geologist14,764 CHF
26.   Economic Development Specialist14,696 CHF
27.   Certified Respiratory Therapist14,618 CHF
28.   Media Relation Executive14,555 CHF
29.   Professor - Computer Science14,471 CHF
30.   Medical Affairs Director14,373 CHF
31.   Quality Control Manager14,325 CHF
32.   Head of Communications14,188 CHF
33.   Professor - Drama14,148 CHF
34.   Cash Management Manager14,061 CHF
35.   Shopping Center Manager13,967 CHF
36.   Engineering Lecturer13,915 CHF
37.   Chairman Office Manager13,868 CHF
38.   Information Technology Operations Manager13,728 CHF
39.   Online Banking Manager13,655 CHF
40.   Digital Marketing Strategist 13,556 CHF
41.   Medical Scientist13,506 CHF
42.   Cards Marketing Manager13,425 CHF
43.   Distribution Director13,331 CHF
44.   Client Account Manager13,287 CHF
45.   Clinical Study Manager13,174 CHF
46.   Bioinformatics Scientist13,144 CHF
47.   Director of Catering Services13,034 CHF
48.   Investment Analyst12,922 CHF
49.   Government Affairs Representative12,864 CHF
50.   Exports Sales Manager12,796 CHF
51.   Head of Retail Design Management12,673 CHF
52.   Division Manager12,662 CHF
53.   Validation Manager12,549 CHF
54.   Geologist12,498 CHF
55.   Project Development Manager12,421 CHF
56.   Property Manager12,303 CHF
57.   Product Quality Leader12,288 CHF
58.   Accounting Head12,177 CHF
59.   Senor Environmental Health Practitioner12,170 CHF
60.   Government Officer12,059 CHF
61.   Aircraft Pilot12,052 CHF
62.   Supervising Counselor12,036 CHF
63.   Asset Protection Associate11,938 CHF
64.   Electoral Project Coordinator11,920 CHF
65.   Aircraft Captain11,908 CHF
66.   Corporate Strategy Analyst11,815 CHF
67.   Contracts Manager11,804 CHF
68.   Clinical School Psychologist11,699 CHF
69.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 11,688 CHF
70.   Human Resources Executive11,668 CHF
71.   Data Security Manager11,573 CHF
72.   Change Management11,564 CHF
73.   Business Consultant11,461 CHF
74.   Public Relations Executive11,457 CHF
75.   Catering Manager11,442 CHF
76.   Global Mobility Manager11,402 CHF
77.   Materials Scientist11,343 CHF
78.   Manufacturing Manager11,341 CHF
79.   Area Manager11,319 CHF
80.   Principal11,292 CHF
81.   Customer Service Manager11,226 CHF
82.   Sports Manager11,226 CHF
83.   Sales Analyst11,221 CHF

How much money does a person working in Switzerland make?

9,507 CHF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Switzerland typically earns around 9,507 CHF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Basel10,109 CHF
Bern9,738 CHF
Biel8,838 CHF
Geneve10,289 CHF
Lausanne9,939 CHF
Lugano9,020 CHF
Luzern9,395 CHF
St. Gallen9,193 CHF
Winterthur9,566 CHF
Zurich10,469 CHF
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