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Best Paying Jobs in Taiwan 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Invasive Cardiologist786,000 TWD
2.   Dermatologist690,000 TWD
3.   Oral Surgeon621,000 TWD
4.   Physician - Internal Medicine604,000 TWD
5.   Endodontist569,000 TWD
6.   Psychiatrist541,000 TWD
7.   Physician - Gastroenterology533,000 TWD
8.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation511,000 TWD
9.   Physician - Pediatrics485,000 TWD
10.   Operating Room Services Director465,000 TWD
11.   Medical Director444,000 TWD
12.   Dietitian435,000 TWD
13.   Chief Financial Officer422,000 TWD
14.   Finance President410,000 TWD
15.   Financial Manager385,000 TWD
16.   Finance Manager371,000 TWD
17.   Regional Sales Director366,000 TWD
18.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine359,000 TWD
19.   Legal Services Director355,000 TWD
20.   Mental Health Therapst351,000 TWD
21.   President of Marketing346,000 TWD
22.   Director of Business Development341,000 TWD
23.   Director of Marketing337,000 TWD
24.   Brand Manager335,000 TWD
25.   Astronomer332,000 TWD
26.   College Dean330,000 TWD
27.   Planning Director328,000 TWD
28.   Professor - Medical Administration327,000 TWD
29.   Strategy Director326,000 TWD
30.   Zone Manager323,000 TWD
31.   Manager320,000 TWD
32.   Recreation Director318,000 TWD
33.   Tax Director317,000 TWD
34.   Chief Technologist314,000 TWD
35.   Engineering Geologist313,000 TWD
36.   National Account Manager311,000 TWD
37.   Phlebotomist310,000 TWD
38.   Professor - Biology309,000 TWD
39.   Operations Manager308,000 TWD
40.   Head of Projects307,000 TWD
41.   Operational Manager306,000 TWD
42.   Risk Management Director304,000 TWD
43.   Deputy Manager304,000 TWD
44.   Global Master Data Manager302,000 TWD
45.   Commercial Leasing Manager301,000 TWD
46.   Human Resources Director301,000 TWD
47.   Program Manager299,000 TWD
48.   Medical Affairs Director298,000 TWD
49.   Purchasing Manager297,000 TWD
50.   Executive Human Capital Management295,000 TWD
51.   Economics Lecturer294,000 TWD
52.   Supply Operations Manager293,000 TWD
53.   Sales Administration Manager292,000 TWD
54.   Information Technology Project Manager292,000 TWD
55.   Medical Insurance Manager290,000 TWD
56.   Audit Director290,000 TWD
57.   Information Technology Operations Manager289,000 TWD
58.   Genomics Scientist288,000 TWD
59.   Market Development Manager287,000 TWD
60.   Pharmaceutical Manager287,000 TWD
61.   Chief Information Officer286,000 TWD
62.   Business Development Manager286,000 TWD
63.   Technical Services Research and Development Manager285,000 TWD
64.   Geophysicist284,000 TWD
65.   Service Delivery Manager282,000 TWD
66.   Investment Operations Manager281,000 TWD
67.   Mortgage Operations Manager280,000 TWD
68.   Telecommunication Project Manager280,000 TWD
69.   Marketing Communications Executive280,000 TWD
70.   Marketing Vice President279,000 TWD
71.   Professor - Legal Support278,000 TWD
72.   Import and Procurement Manager276,000 TWD
73.   Director of Communications275,000 TWD
74.   Credit Manager275,000 TWD
75.   Bank Propositions Manager274,000 TWD
76.   Industrial Production Manager273,000 TWD
77.   Marketing Consultant272,000 TWD
78.   Banking Business Planning Executive272,000 TWD
79.   Patient Services Director271,000 TWD
80.   Loans Manager269,000 TWD
81.   Airport Services Manager268,000 TWD
82.   Mortgage Funding Manager267,000 TWD
83.   Educational Psychologist266,000 TWD
84.   Human Resources Manager265,000 TWD
85.   Cards Marketing Manager264,000 TWD
86.   Product Executive263,000 TWD
87.   Aviation Resources Manager262,000 TWD
88.   Production Supervisor262,000 TWD
89.   Bioinformatics Scientist261,000 TWD
90.   Bank Operations Specialist260,000 TWD
91.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager259,000 TWD
92.   Project Manager258,000 TWD
93.   Water Ecologist257,000 TWD
94.   Exports Sales Manager255,000 TWD
95.   Business Development Executive254,000 TWD
96.   Senor Environmental Health Practitioner254,000 TWD
97.   Clinical Research Manager253,000 TWD
98.   Regional Manager253,000 TWD
99.   Industrial Hygienist251,000 TWD
100.   Business Consultant251,000 TWD
101.   Debt Adviser250,000 TWD
102.   Spa Manager249,000 TWD
103.   Key Acoount Manager248,000 TWD
104.   Contracts Manager248,000 TWD
105.   Insurance Operations Manager248,000 TWD
106.   Paralegal247,000 TWD
107.   E-Commerce Sales Manager246,000 TWD
108.   Telecommunication Solution Architect246,000 TWD
109.   Export Logistics Manager245,000 TWD
110.   Project Manager245,000 TWD
111.   Director of Application Development244,000 TWD
112.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager244,000 TWD
113.   Business Intelligence Team Leader243,000 TWD
114.   Bank Relationship Manager242,000 TWD
115.   Actor241,000 TWD
116.   Warehouse Executive241,000 TWD
117.   Social Media Marketing Manager241,000 TWD
118.   Credit Risk Associate240,000 TWD
119.   Area Manager240,000 TWD
120.   Construction Project Manager239,000 TWD
121.   Internal Sales Manager239,000 TWD
122.   Production Manager239,000 TWD
123.   Production Director238,000 TWD
124.   Credit Card Fraud Investigator238,000 TWD
125.   Fleet Controller238,000 TWD
126.   Fraud Detection Supervisor237,000 TWD
127.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor237,000 TWD
128.   Lead Technical Field Advisor236,000 TWD
129.   Biochemist236,000 TWD
130.   Intelligence Research Specialist235,000 TWD
131.   Quality Assurance Manager235,000 TWD
132.   Fraud Analyst234,000 TWD
133.   Accounting Head234,000 TWD
134.   School Counselor233,000 TWD
135.   Academic Manager233,000 TWD
136.   Mining Project Manager233,000 TWD
137.   Training Manager232,000 TWD
138.   Account Manager232,000 TWD
139.   Assistant Brand Manager232,000 TWD
140.   Labor Relations Director231,000 TWD
141.   Housing Manager231,000 TWD
142.   Expatriate Administration Manager230,000 TWD

How much money does a person working in Taiwan make?

Average Monthly Salary
196,000 TWD
( 2,350,000 TWD yearly)


A person working in Taiwan typically earns around 196,000 TWD per month. Salaries range from 26,500 TWD (lowest average) to 866,000 TWD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Kaohsiung220,000 TWD
Taichung204,000 TWD
Tainan183,000 TWD
Taipei196,000 TWD

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