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Best Paying Jobs in Tanzania

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Radiology4,076,595 TZS
2.   Endodontist3,847,720 TZS
3.   Psychiatrist3,444,860 TZS
4.   Exercise Physiologist3,129,055 TZS
5.   Medical Director2,900,114 TZS
6.   President2,705,927 TZS
7.   Physician - Ophthalmology2,468,673 TZS
8.   Allergist2,333,929 TZS
9.   Optician2,269,352 TZS
10.   Marketing Manager2,188,241 TZS
11.   Nuclear Engineer2,153,159 TZS
12.   Telecommunications Manager2,128,244 TZS
13.   Planning Director2,086,796 TZS
14.   Brand Manager2,053,857 TZS
15.   Sales and Marketing Director2,035,344 TZS
16.   Professor - Chemistry2,021,958 TZS
17.   Hospitality Director2,011,369 TZS
18.   Project Control Manager1,989,669 TZS
19.   Chief Technologist1,972,389 TZS
20.   Auditing Insurance Manager1,956,797 TZS
21.   General Counsel1,932,824 TZS
22.   Professor - English1,923,760 TZS
23.   State Advisor1,909,631 TZS
24.   Professor - Civil Engineering1,901,347 TZS
25.   Cash Management Manager1,890,302 TZS
26.   Tax Manager1,878,934 TZS
27.   Academic Clinician1,867,143 TZS
28.   Market Development Executive1,855,254 TZS
29.   Emergency Management Director1,839,795 TZS
30.   Professor - Business Administration1,822,902 TZS
31.   Market Segmentation Director1,810,232 TZS
32.   Business Manager1,796,754 TZS
33.   Product Executive1,780,413 TZS
34.   Bank Project Manager1,770,278 TZS
35.   Information Systems Manager1,759,656 TZS
36.   Clinical Scientist1,745,136 TZS
37.   Depot Manager1,732,662 TZS
38.   Life Scientist1,710,118 TZS
39.   Insurance Operations Manager1,696,247 TZS
40.   Scientist1,682,570 TZS
41.   Investment Fund Manager1,668,407 TZS
42.   Lab Manager1,654,215 TZS
43.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant1,645,869 TZS
44.   Real Estate Appraiser1,636,318 TZS
45.   Quality Manager1,619,488 TZS
46.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director1,610,917 TZS
47.   Supply Chain Development Manager1,601,300 TZS
48.   DNA Analyst1,590,385 TZS
49.   Financial Customer Service Manager1,583,143 TZS
50.   Project Portfolio Manager1,577,911 TZS
51.   Restaurant Manager1,570,799 TZS
52.   Contracts Manager1,561,540 TZS
53.   Change Control Analyst1,555,790 TZS
54.   Intelligence Research Specialist1,548,868 TZS
55.   Respiratory Manager1,544,972 TZS
56.   Marketing Communications Manager1,539,938 TZS
57.   Fashion Designer1,533,766 TZS
58.   Corporate Dealer1,525,221 TZS
59.   Client Accounts Officer1,519,310 TZS
60.   Laboratory Supervisor 1,514,439 TZS
61.   Reporter1,509,179 TZS
62.   Veterinarian1,503,397 TZS

How much money does a person working in Tanzania make?

1,272,882 TZS per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Tanzania typically earns around 1,272,882 TZS per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Dar es Salaam1,451,006 TZS
Dodoma1,208,789 TZS
Mwanza1,336,288 TZS
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