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Best Paying Jobs in Thailand

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Chief of Psychology322,189 THB
2.   Physician - Gastroenterology281,010 THB
3.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology257,569 THB
4.   Perfusionist236,592 THB
5.   Group Financial Manager217,310 THB
6.   Financial Director199,226 THB
7.   Top Research and Development Executive182,354 THB
8.   Registered Dietitian176,076 THB
9.   Optician170,846 THB
10.   Marketing and Sales Head166,727 THB
11.   Nuclear Engineer163,058 THB
12.   Brand Manager161,078 THB
13.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering158,135 THB
14.   Professor - Chemical Engineering156,895 THB
15.   Manufacturing Manager155,400 THB
16.   Quality Director154,586 THB
17.   Head of Direct Sales152,629 THB
18.   Head of Investment150,918 THB
19.   Economic Development Specialist149,503 THB
20.   Professor - Communication148,340 THB
21.   Math Lecturer147,182 THB
22.   Global Technical Lead146,435 THB
23.   Professor - Architecture145,082 THB
24.   Professor - Computer Science143,446 THB
25.   Judge Advocate142,281 THB
26.   Director of Communications141,045 THB
27.   Chief Risk Officer140,114 THB
28.   Government Affairs Representative139,031 THB
29.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager137,757 THB
30.   Technical Manager136,749 THB
31.   Risk Modeling Manager135,906 THB
32.   Aviation Safety Manager134,573 THB
33.   Production Supervisor132,725 THB
34.   Estimating Manager131,908 THB
35.   Distribution Manager131,119 THB
36.   Bank Relationship Manager130,185 THB
37.   Geologist128,873 THB
38.   Research Executive128,250 THB
39.   Laboratory Manager127,477 THB
40.   Operational Excellence General Manager126,305 THB
41.   Asset Protection Associate125,085 THB
42.   Business Consultant124,402 THB
43.   Telecommunication Consultant123,622 THB
44.   Distribution Manager123,030 THB
45.   KYC Team Leader122,439 THB
46.   Restaurant Manager121,847 THB
47.   Aircraft Captain121,140 THB
48.   Education Consultant120,555 THB
49.   Insurance Sales Director119,593 THB
50.   Expatriate Administration Manager119,145 THB
51.   Online Banking Specialist118,799 THB
52.   Aviation Analyst118,299 THB
53.   Neurophysiology Technologist117,629 THB
54.   Web Applications Manager116,707 THB
55.   Supervising Counselor116,524 THB
56.   Information Security Director115,932 THB
57.   Fashion Store Manager115,341 THB
58.   Residential Property Manager114,757 THB

How much money does a person working in Thailand make?

97,689 THB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Thailand typically earns around 97,689 THB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bangkok (Krung Thep)112,691 THB
Chiang Mai108,313 THB
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