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Best Paying Jobs in Thailand 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology361,000 THB
2.   Oral Surgeon314,000 THB
3.   Physician - Dermatology293,000 THB
4.   Endodontist272,000 THB
5.   Doctor259,000 THB
6.   Radiology Manager242,000 THB
7.   CEO230,000 THB
8.   Chief Executive Officer221,000 THB
9.   Bank Manager209,000 THB
10.   Finance Manager200,000 THB
11.   Financial Manager192,000 THB
12.   Radiographer182,000 THB
13.   Brand Director180,000 THB
14.   Chief Marketing Officer 174,000 THB
15.   International Banking Manager172,000 THB
16.   Astronomer168,000 THB
17.   Epidemiologist167,000 THB
18.   Sales and Marketing Director164,000 THB
19.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead163,000 THB
20.   College Dean161,000 THB
21.   Risk Management Director160,000 THB
22.   Chief Operating Officer158,000 THB
23.   Corporate Director158,000 THB
24.   Sales Manager157,000 THB
25.   Bank Regional Manager156,000 THB
26.   Professor - Economics155,000 THB
27.   Telecommunications Manager155,000 THB
28.   Respiratory Care Practitioner154,000 THB
29.   Chief Technology Officer152,000 THB
30.   Information Technology Manager151,000 THB
31.   Sales Admin Executive150,000 THB
32.   Attorney150,000 THB
33.   Operational Manager149,000 THB
34.   Professor - Communication148,000 THB
35.   Legal Executive148,000 THB
36.   National Account Manager147,000 THB
37.   Purchasing and Product Development Director147,000 THB
38.   Information Technology Manager146,000 THB
39.   Professor - Architecture145,000 THB
40.   Economist144,000 THB
41.   Geothermal Production Manager143,000 THB
42.   Brand Ambassador143,000 THB
43.   Head of Supply Chain142,000 THB
44.   Chief of Police141,000 THB
45.   ATM Manager141,000 THB
46.   Check Processing Manager140,000 THB
47.   Fraud Prevention Manager139,000 THB
48.   Statistics Lecturer139,000 THB
49.   Mortgage Funding Manager138,000 THB
50.   Chairman Office Manager137,000 THB
51.   Corporate Sales Manager137,000 THB
52.   Head of School136,000 THB
53.   Department Head136,000 THB
54.   Investment Banking Analyst135,000 THB
55.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist134,000 THB
56.   Six Sigma Black Belt133,000 THB
57.   Government Relations Associate132,000 THB
58.   Equity Analyst132,000 THB
59.   Mortgage Development Manager131,000 THB
60.   Key Affiliate Manager131,000 THB
61.   Bioinformatics Scientist130,000 THB
62.   Paralegal130,000 THB
63.   Assistant Vice President129,000 THB
64.   Microbiologist128,000 THB
65.   Government Affairs Advisor128,000 THB
66.   Assistant Hospitality Manager128,000 THB
67.   Debt Adviser127,000 THB
68.   Operational Excellence General Manager126,000 THB
69.   Lab Manager126,000 THB
70.   Advertising Manager125,000 THB
71.   Technology Development Manager124,000 THB
72.   Sport and Recreation Manager124,000 THB
73.   Assistant Manager124,000 THB
74.   Print Production Manager123,000 THB
75.   Biomedical Engineering Director123,000 THB
76.   Plant Manager123,000 THB
77.   Clinical Neuropsychologist122,000 THB
78.   Restaurant Manager122,000 THB
79.   Cluster Director121,000 THB
80.   Aircraft Captain121,000 THB
81.   Quality Assurance Manager121,000 THB
82.   Gas Supply Manager120,000 THB
83.   Sales Officer 120,000 THB
84.   Engineering Manager120,000 THB
85.   Field Engineering Manager119,000 THB
86.   Fitness Manager119,000 THB
87.   Behavioral Health Specialist119,000 THB
88.   HSE Manager118,000 THB
89.   Digital Media Specialist118,000 THB
90.   Psychology Teacher118,000 THB
91.   Quality Executive117,000 THB
92.   Actuarial Analyst117,000 THB
93.   Information Security Manager117,000 THB
94.   Medical Office Manager116,000 THB
95.   Sports Manager116,000 THB
96.   Change Control Analyst116,000 THB
97.   Actuary115,000 THB
98.   Chief Engineer115,000 THB
99.   Occupational Therapist115,000 THB
100.   Quality and Safety Site Leader114,000 THB

How much money does a person working in Thailand make?

Average Monthly Salary
97,700 THB
( 1,170,000 THB yearly)


A person working in Thailand typically earns around 97,700 THB per month. Salaries range from 13,200 THB (lowest average) to 433,000 THB (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bangkok (Krung Thep)113,000 THB
Chiang Mai108,000 THB

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