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Best Paying Jobs in MBour

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Internist3,673,808 XOF
2.   Naturopathic Physician3,243,138 XOF
3.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology3,009,193 XOF
4.   Dentist2,765,336 XOF
5.   Pediatrician2,599,523 XOF
6.   Bank Manager2,402,569 XOF
7.   Finance President2,180,055 XOF
8.   Correctional Treatment Specialist2,086,081 XOF
9.   Chief Marketing Officer 2,001,767 XOF
10.   Director of Marketing1,926,880 XOF
11.   Tax Director1,888,394 XOF
12.   Head of Strategy1,858,470 XOF
13.   Commercial Real Estate Manager1,837,836 XOF
14.   College Dean1,812,863 XOF
15.   Operational Manager1,791,327 XOF
16.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist1,778,604 XOF
17.   Administrative Director1,756,646 XOF
18.   Respiratory Care Practitioner1,740,650 XOF
19.   Breast Center Manager1,722,917 XOF
20.   Professor - Chemistry1,703,493 XOF
21.   Supply Chain Manager1,693,157 XOF
22.   Immigration Executive1,682,996 XOF
23.   Paralegal1,668,865 XOF
24.   Portfolio Manager1,661,714 XOF
25.   Foundation Director1,651,973 XOF
26.   Chief Information Officer1,641,839 XOF
27.   Search Marketing Strategist1,634,912 XOF
28.   Hotel Manager1,627,707 XOF
29.   Relationship Manager1,614,810 XOF
30.   Professor - Geological Sciences1,607,776 XOF
31.   Banking Business Planning Executive1,592,234 XOF
32.   Chief of Police1,582,495 XOF
33.   Distribution Director1,566,165 XOF
34.   Head of Communications1,551,246 XOF
35.   Information Technology Project Manager1,541,000 XOF
36.   Customer Service Manager1,531,200 XOF
37.   General Manager1,520,558 XOF
38.   Auditing Manager1,508,170 XOF
39.   Community Development Manager1,498,938 XOF
40.   Staff Attorney1,486,776 XOF
41.   Sales Manager1,475,940 XOF
42.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager1,466,673 XOF
43.   Clinical Cytogeneticist1,455,189 XOF
44.   Duty Manager1,446,884 XOF
45.   Insurance Sales Director1,437,456 XOF
46.   Wildlife Biologist1,424,785 XOF
47.   Education Researcher1,416,170 XOF
48.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist1,408,062 XOF
49.   Chemical Plant Operator1,397,252 XOF
50.   Paralegal1,390,774 XOF
51.   Information Technology Asset Manager1,385,430 XOF
52.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager1,381,711 XOF
53.   Health Economist1,376,023 XOF
54.   Online Banking Specialist1,370,730 XOF
55.   Web Security Manager1,362,597 XOF
56.   Service Delivery Manager1,356,884 XOF
57.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager1,350,661 XOF
58.   Airfield Management Specialist1,340,890 XOF
59.   Data Security Manager1,337,288 XOF
60.   Vendor Manager1,332,105 XOF
61.   Restaurant General Manager1,326,589 XOF
62.   Client Accounts Officer1,321,858 XOF
63.   Fashion Designer1,318,566 XOF
64.   Assistant Marketing Manager1,313,299 XOF
65.   Information Security Director1,310,540 XOF
66.   Climate Change Analyst1,301,929 XOF

How much money does a person working in MBour make?

1,162,671 XOF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in MBour typically earns around 1,162,671 XOF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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