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Best Paying Jobs in Belize

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist12,813 BZD
2.   Clinical Psychologist11,416 BZD
3.   Radiation Therapist10,630 BZD
4.   Physician9,702 BZD
5.   Exercise Physiologist9,198 BZD
6.   Physician - Pathology8,567 BZD
7.   Physician - Generalist7,991 BZD
8.   Capital Risk Manager7,485 BZD
9.   Physician - Geriatrics7,006 BZD
10.   Chief Marketing Officer 6,789 BZD
11.   Bank Operations Head6,597 BZD
12.   Marketing Director6,472 BZD
13.   Marketing and Sales Head6,367 BZD
14.   Nuclear Engineer6,306 BZD
15.   Deputy Director6,233 BZD
16.   Chief Commercial Officer6,109 BZD
17.   Deputy General Manager6,052 BZD
18.   Sales Executive6,003 BZD
19.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer5,912 BZD
20.   Planning Director5,884 BZD
21.   Regional Manager5,839 BZD
22.   Professor - Dentistry5,803 BZD
23.   Area Sales Manager5,756 BZD
24.   Chief Technology Officer5,719 BZD
25.   Technical Services Research and Development Manager5,685 BZD
26.   Pharmaceutical Manager5,655 BZD
27.   General Counsel5,637 BZD
28.   Cash Management Manager5,604 BZD
29.   Fraud Detection Manager5,584 BZD
30.   Immigration Executive5,548 BZD
31.   Pharmaceutical Researcher5,524 BZD
32.   Human Resources Manager5,491 BZD
33.   Head of Communications5,454 BZD
34.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager5,422 BZD
35.   Natural Sciences Manager5,390 BZD
36.   Economist5,357 BZD
37.   Assistant Bank Manager5,306 BZD
38.   Sales Executive5,262 BZD
39.   Chief Human Resources Officer5,221 BZD
40.   General Manager5,180 BZD
41.   Executive Human Capital Management5,152 BZD
42.   Credit Risk Analyst5,099 BZD
43.   Chief of Police5,076 BZD
44.   Operations Analyst5,044 BZD
45.   Director of Rehabilitation Services5,016 BZD
46.   Laboratory Manager4,974 BZD
47.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager4,952 BZD
48.   Microbiologist4,932 BZD
49.   Digital Marketing Strategist 4,907 BZD
50.   Assistant Operations Manager4,884 BZD
51.   Quality Assurance Manager4,847 BZD
52.   Supply Chain Development Manager4,819 BZD
53.   Quality Manager4,797 BZD
54.   Hotel Sales Manager4,751 BZD
55.   Residential Property Manager4,720 BZD
56.   District Sales Manager4,709 BZD
57.   Geologist4,680 BZD
58.   Online Marketing Manager4,659 BZD
59.   Sociologist4,643 BZD
60.   Quality Assurance Manager4,630 BZD
61.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist4,611 BZD
62.   Ambulatory Services Director4,596 BZD
63.   Biomedical Engineering Director4,577 BZD
64.   Actuarial Analyst4,558 BZD
65.   Group Home Manager4,542 BZD
66.   Laboratory Supervisor 4,524 BZD
67.   Change Impact Analyst4,506 BZD
68.   Legal Advisor4,494 BZD
69.   Insurance Program Manager4,482 BZD
70.   Commercial Project Manager4,466 BZD
71.   Information Technology Project Director4,457 BZD
72.   Benefits Manager4,446 BZD
73.   Corporate Recruiter4,437 BZD
74.   Helpdesk Manager4,410 BZD
75.   Corporate Controller4,397 BZD
76.   Production Manager4,384 BZD

How much money does a person working in Belize make?

3,743 BZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Belize typically earns around 3,743 BZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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