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Best Paying Jobs in Tunisia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist18,380 TND
2.   Anesthesiologist16,072 TND
3.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist14,638 TND
4.   Psychololgist13,941 TND
5.   Pediatrician12,729 TND
6.   Chairman of The Board11,961 TND
7.   Regional Director11,278 TND
8.   Regional Director of Operations10,503 TND
9.   Radiographer10,107 TND
10.   Deputy Head of Finance9,619 TND
11.   Brand Director9,380 TND
12.   Mental Health Therapst9,190 TND
13.   College President9,001 TND
14.   Head of Public Relations8,862 TND
15.   Recreation Director8,713 TND
16.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist8,709 TND
17.   Information Technology Director8,544 TND
18.   Management Executive8,468 TND
19.   Product Development Manager8,364 TND
20.   Director of Sales8,357 TND
21.   Corporate Director8,241 TND
22.   Hospitality Director8,202 TND
23.   Mortgage Operations Manager8,155 TND
24.   Political Scientist8,086 TND
25.   Sales Administration Manager8,040 TND
26.   Technical Director8,016 TND
27.   Cash Management Manager7,973 TND
28.   Marketing Executive7,905 TND
29.   Quality Assurance Manager7,877 TND
30.   Information Technology Manager7,860 TND
31.   Bank Branch Manager7,772 TND
32.   Technical Services Research and Development Manager7,715 TND
33.   Information Technology Project Manager7,704 TND
34.   Investment Banking Analyst7,668 TND
35.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager7,638 TND
36.   Professor - Industrial Engineering7,586 TND
37.   Assistant Managing Director7,519 TND
38.   Aviation Safety Manager7,459 TND
39.   Geothermal Production Manager7,393 TND
40.   Distribution Executive7,370 TND
41.   ERP Project Manager7,319 TND
42.   Sales Manager7,302 TND
43.   Finance Relationship Manager7,221 TND
44.   Financial Banking Systems Manager7,177 TND
45.   Director of Rehabilitation Services7,110 TND
46.   Professor - Rehabilitation7,072 TND
47.   Event Marketing7,024 TND
48.   Revenue Recognition Analyst6,972 TND
49.   Geophysicist6,943 TND
50.   Accounting Manager6,893 TND
51.   Public Management Assistant Professor6,835 TND
52.   Aviation Resources Manager6,814 TND
53.   Localization Manager6,761 TND
54.   Loan Audit Team Leader6,699 TND
55.   Clinical School Psychologist6,699 TND
56.   Spa Manager6,692 TND
57.   Print Production Manager6,630 TND
58.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager6,566 TND
59.   Property Manager6,564 TND
60.   Policy Administration Executive6,558 TND
61.   Advertising and Promotions Manager6,498 TND
62.   Associate Director6,494 TND
63.   Chief Pilot6,482 TND
64.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant6,433 TND
65.   Head of Department6,429 TND
66.   Legal Counsel6,425 TND
67.   Information Technology Project Manager6,365 TND
68.   Labor Relations Director6,365 TND
69.   Change Communications Analyst6,343 TND
70.   Sociologist6,301 TND
71.   Neurophysiology Technologist6,297 TND
72.   Staff Pharmacist6,273 TND
73.   Fashion Designer6,236 TND
74.   Exchange Control Consultant6,231 TND
75.   Service Delivery Manager6,220 TND
76.   Operations Manager6,204 TND

How much money does a person working in Tunisia make?

5,337 TND per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Tunisia typically earns around 5,337 TND per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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