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Best Paying Jobs in Turkey

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist31,439 TRY
2.   Naturopathic Physician27,197 TRY
3.   Neurologist25,056 TRY
4.   Physician - Infectious Disease23,159 TRY
5.   Chief Executive Officer21,516 TRY
6.   Physician - Occupational Medicine20,125 TRY
7.   Ophthalmologist18,600 TRY
8.   Finance Manager17,636 TRY
9.   Vice President16,698 TRY
10.   International Banking Manager16,181 TRY
11.   COO15,780 TRY
12.   Nuclear Engineer15,500 TRY
13.   College President15,301 TRY
14.   Head of Strategy15,034 TRY
15.   Supply Chain Manager14,873 TRY
16.   Area Sales Manager14,683 TRY
17.   Administrative Law Judge14,468 TRY
18.   Deputy Manager14,358 TRY
19.   General Manager14,275 TRY
20.   Emergency Services Director14,164 TRY
21.   Shopping Center Manager14,039 TRY
22.   Global Technical Lead13,971 TRY
23.   Fundraising Development Director13,878 TRY
24.   Biological Scientist13,773 TRY
25.   Head of Investment13,723 TRY
26.   Chief Product Officer13,643 TRY
27.   Distribution Director13,522 TRY
28.   Hospitality Director13,433 TRY
29.   Judge Advocate13,332 TRY
30.   Relationship Manager13,207 TRY
31.   Head of Middle Office13,131 TRY
32.   Medical Scientist13,065 TRY
33.   Client Account Manager12,996 TRY
34.   Supply Chain Manager12,912 TRY
35.   Head of School12,820 TRY
36.   Head of Human Resources12,674 TRY
37.   Product Manager12,617 TRY
38.   Mathematician12,567 TRY
39.   ATM Manager12,462 TRY
40.   Media Design Manager12,390 TRY
41.   Network and Infrastructure Manager12,310 TRY
42.   R/D Director12,224 TRY
43.   Director of Rehabilitation Services12,134 TRY
44.   Distribution Executive12,048 TRY
45.   Key Affiliate Manager11,944 TRY
46.   Due Diligence Analyst11,862 TRY
47.   Credit Risk Analyst11,793 TRY
48.   Trade Marketing Manager11,707 TRY
49.   Import and Export Consultant11,650 TRY
50.   Wildlife Biologist11,584 TRY
51.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager11,527 TRY
52.   E-Commerce Sales Manager11,476 TRY
53.   Energy Analyst11,410 TRY
54.   Supervising Counselor11,356 TRY
55.   Bankruptcy Coordinator11,257 TRY
56.   Journalist11,207 TRY
57.   Assistant Project Manager11,160 TRY
58.   Director of Facilities Management11,117 TRY
59.   Law Teacher11,083 TRY
60.   Loan Branch Manager11,025 TRY
61.   Aircraft Quality Assurance10,978 TRY
62.   Restaurant Manager10,952 TRY
63.   Nursing Director10,913 TRY
64.   Patient Care Services Executive10,881 TRY
65.   Training and Development Manager10,835 TRY
66.   Financial Reporting Manager10,812 TRY
67.   Technical Manager10,783 TRY
68.   Engineering Planning Manager10,748 TRY
69.   Call Center Manager10,716 TRY
70.   Logistics Manager10,689 TRY
71.   Industrial Ecologist10,647 TRY

How much money does a person working in Turkey make?

9,082 TRY per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Turkey typically earns around 9,082 TRY per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Ankara9,864 TRY
Antalya8,852 TRY
Istanbul10,628 TRY
Izmir9,487 TRY
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