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Best Paying Jobs in United Arab Emirates

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric54,621 AED
2.   Chief of Psychology47,231 AED
3.   Interventionist44,743 AED
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist40,683 AED
5.   Forensic Pathologist38,908 AED
6.   Exercise Physiologist36,589 AED
7.   Preventive Medicine Physician34,982 AED
8.   CEO33,384 AED
9.   Finance Director31,242 AED
10.   Surgical Assistant29,305 AED
11.   Corporate Treasurer27,796 AED
12.   Mental Health Therapst27,365 AED
13.   Brand Manager26,486 AED
14.   Strategy Director26,231 AED
15.   Director of Marketing25,816 AED
16.   Sales Executive25,586 AED
17.   Legal Services Manager25,286 AED
18.   Sales Director25,058 AED
19.   Planning Director24,867 AED
20.   Manager24,608 AED
21.   Planning Director24,359 AED
22.   Global Technical Lead24,078 AED
23.   Internal Bank Audit Manager23,964 AED
24.   Quality Manager23,824 AED
25.   Online Banking Manager23,650 AED
26.   Director of Accreditation23,512 AED
27.   Shopping Center Manager23,409 AED
28.   Real Estate General Manager23,208 AED
29.   Director of Client Services23,074 AED
30.   Economist22,940 AED
31.   Knowledge Manager22,875 AED
32.   International Tax Director22,764 AED
33.   Goods Manufacturing Practices22,602 AED
34.   Head of Information Technology22,474 AED
35.   Director of Operations22,369 AED
36.   Chairman Office Manager22,278 AED
37.   Emergency Services Director22,187 AED
38.   Biomedical Scientist22,118 AED
39.   Director of Product Management22,003 AED
40.   Professor - Communication21,932 AED
41.   Distribution Director21,844 AED
42.   Group Head of Human Resources21,767 AED
43.   Emergency Management Director21,658 AED
44.   Professor - Civil Engineering21,527 AED
45.   Department Manager21,332 AED
46.   Water Ecologist21,276 AED
47.   Import and Export Manager21,173 AED
48.   Physicist21,063 AED
49.   Import and Procurement Manager21,006 AED
50.   Due Diligence Analyst20,866 AED
51.   Clinical Study Manager20,705 AED
52.   Fundraising Manager20,592 AED
53.   Bank Propositions Manager20,446 AED
54.   ERP Project Manager20,342 AED
55.   Mortgage Funding Manager20,216 AED
56.   Bank Relationship Manager20,094 AED
57.   Paralegal19,989 AED
58.   Digital Marketing Strategist 19,805 AED
59.   Post Doctoral Researcher19,696 AED
60.   Director of Catering Services19,640 AED
61.   Media Design Manager19,560 AED
62.   Actor19,430 AED
63.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager19,369 AED
64.   Chemist19,292 AED
65.   Head of Department19,219 AED
66.   Revenue Manager19,154 AED
67.   Airport Services Manager19,089 AED
68.   Information Technology Executive19,044 AED
69.   Laboratory Manager18,986 AED
70.   Psychometrist18,911 AED
71.   Fashion Design Manager18,862 AED
72.   Project Manager18,807 AED
73.   Associate Producer18,760 AED
74.   Advertising Manager18,698 AED
75.   Construction Project Manager18,643 AED
76.   Law Teacher18,588 AED
77.   Project Engineering Manager18,517 AED
78.   Information Security Manager18,440 AED
79.   Sociologist18,365 AED
80.   Clinical Data Manager18,276 AED
81.   Export Logistics Manager18,211 AED
82.   Master Instructor18,136 AED
83.   District Manager18,095 AED
84.   Airfield Management Specialist18,063 AED
85.   Business Analyst18,022 AED
86.   Real Estate Valuer17,972 AED
87.   Business Operations Lead17,934 AED
88.   Real Estate Association Manager17,877 AED
89.   Corporate Recruiter17,821 AED
90.   Assistant Project Manager17,776 AED

How much money does a person working in United Arab Emirates make?

15,266 AED per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in United Arab Emirates typically earns around 15,266 AED per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Abu Dhabi16,334 AED
Ajman15,021 AED
Al Ain15,434 AED
Dubai16,775 AED
Fujairah14,073 AED
Ras Al Khaimah14,591 AED
Sharjah15,925 AED
Um Al Quiwain13,656 AED
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