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Best Paying Jobs in United States

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric23,450 USD
2.   Internist20,021 USD
3.   Neurologist18,516 USD
4.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology17,360 USD
5.   Doctor16,067 USD
6.   Exercise Physiologist15,105 USD
7.   Optometrist13,969 USD
8.   Finance President12,893 USD
9.   General Medical Practitioner12,513 USD
10.   Deputy Head of Finance12,029 USD
11.   Corporate Treasurer11,562 USD
12.   President of Marketing11,316 USD
13.   Mental Health Therapst11,189 USD
14.   Deputy General Manager11,051 USD
15.   Engagement Manager10,910 USD
16.   Marketing Director10,789 USD
17.   Ocean Services Manager10,688 USD
18.   Regional Sales Manager10,551 USD
19.   Regional Manager10,416 USD
20.   Director of Strategic Supplier Relations10,343 USD
21.   Professor - Accounting10,240 USD
22.   Director of Project Management10,146 USD
23.   Treatment Services Director10,080 USD
24.   Professor - Geological Sciences10,000 USD
25.   Fundraising Development Director9,935 USD
26.   Academic Clinician9,880 USD
27.   Human Resources Director9,840 USD
28.   Location Manager9,790 USD
29.   Emergency Services Director9,740 USD
30.   Technical Manager9,708 USD
31.   Quality Control Manager9,670 USD
32.   Professor - Psychology9,646 USD
33.   Sales Administration Manager9,580 USD
34.   Medical Insurance Manager9,535 USD
35.   Media Production Manager9,492 USD
36.   Bioinformatics Scientist9,410 USD
37.   National Customer Solution Specialist9,350 USD
38.   Mortgage Funding Manager9,283 USD
39.   Chief Information Security Officer9,237 USD
40.   Vice President of Finance9,168 USD
41.   Audit Supervisor9,100 USD
42.   Talent Acquisition Manager9,042 USD
43.   Assistant Operations Manager8,960 USD
44.   ERP Project Manager8,890 USD
45.   Staff Attorney8,838 USD
46.   Planning and Supply Manager8,785 USD
47.   Geophysicist8,730 USD
48.   Service Delivery Manager8,675 USD
49.   Cards Marketing Manager8,578 USD
50.   R/D Director8,534 USD
51.   Credit and Collections Manager8,498 USD
52.   Banking Operations Department Manager8,445 USD
53.   Journalist8,382 USD
54.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager8,350 USD
55.   Actor8,308 USD
56.   Property Manager8,283 USD
57.   Project Manager8,231 USD
58.   Financial Customer Service Manager8,202 USD
59.   Biochemistry Professor 8,168 USD
60.   Laboratory Supervisor 8,123 USD
61.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager8,107 USD
62.   Chief People Officer8,083 USD
63.   Arbitrator8,060 USD
64.   Retail Operations Manager8,010 USD
65.   Quality Assurance Engineering Manager7,992 USD
66.   Spa Manager7,968 USD
67.   Electoral Project Coordinator7,933 USD
68.   Bankruptcy Coordinator7,903 USD
69.   Pharmaceutical Research Associate7,882 USD
70.   Food Services Director7,860 USD
71.   Payments and Strategic Alliances Manager7,838 USD
72.   HRIS Manager7,815 USD
73.   Corporate Dealer7,788 USD
74.   Chief Engineer7,763 USD
75.   Trainer7,733 USD
76.   Electrical Engineering Manager7,706 USD

How much money does a person working in United States make?

6,633 USD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in United States typically earns around 6,633 USD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By State

StateAverage Salary
Alabama7,097 USD
Alaska6,207 USD
Arizona7,387 USD
Arkansas6,841 USD
California7,816 USD
Colorado7,062 USD
Connecticut6,861 USD
Delaware6,382 USD
District of Columbia6,250 USD
Florida7,785 USD
Georgia7,654 USD
Hawaii6,547 USD
Idaho6,553 USD
Illinois7,746 USD
Indiana7,404 USD
Iowa6,852 USD
Kansas6,858 USD
Kentucky7,075 USD
Louisiana7,082 USD
Maine6,527 USD
Maryland7,377 USD
Massachusetts7,384 USD
Michigan7,673 USD
Minnesota7,257 USD
Mississippi6,841 USD
Missouri7,342 USD
Montana6,501 USD
Nebraska6,719 USD
Nevada6,867 USD
New Hampshire6,590 USD
New Jersey7,661 USD
New Mexico6,816 USD
New York7,960 USD
North Carolina7,015 USD
North Dakota5,734 USD
Ohio7,095 USD
Oklahoma6,456 USD
Oregon6,463 USD
Pennsylvania7,182 USD
Rhode Island5,894 USD
South Carolina6,613 USD
South Dakota5,906 USD
Tennessee6,887 USD
Texas7,349 USD
Utah6,250 USD
Vermont5,800 USD
Virginia7,046 USD
Washington6,988 USD
West Virginia6,211 USD
Wisconsin6,806 USD
Wyoming5,765 USD
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