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Best Paying Jobs in Uruguay

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Clinical Psychologist70,853 UYU
2.   Cardiology Manager63,408 UYU
3.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology57,357 UYU
4.   Physician - Pediatrics53,282 UYU
5.   Chief Executive Officer50,138 UYU
6.   Regional Director45,469 UYU
7.   Physician - Family Practice42,660 UYU
8.   Physician - Geriatrics39,711 UYU
9.   Immunologist38,465 UYU
10.   Optician37,595 UYU
11.   Chief Commercial Officer36,632 UYU
12.   Television Executive Producer36,139 UYU
13.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer35,365 UYU
14.   Risk and Capital Manager35,046 UYU
15.   Marketing and Sales Head34,556 UYU
16.   Quality Manager34,075 UYU
17.   Relationship Manager33,792 UYU
18.   Fundraising Director33,555 UYU
19.   Professor - Education33,290 UYU
20.   Fundraising Development Director32,970 UYU
21.   Professor - Industrial Engineering32,739 UYU
22.   Emergency Management Director32,420 UYU
23.   Hotel Manager32,101 UYU
24.   Professor - Computer Science31,964 UYU
25.   Manager31,801 UYU
26.   Media Relations Manager31,658 UYU
27.   Human Resources Manager31,409 UYU
28.   Respiratory Therapist31,206 UYU
29.   Natural Sciences Manager30,983 UYU
30.   Investment Banking Analyst30,641 UYU
31.   Risk Manager30,317 UYU
32.   General Manager30,197 UYU
33.   Bank Branch Manager30,051 UYU
34.   Geologist29,820 UYU
35.   Bioinformatics Scientist29,623 UYU
36.   Assistant Operations Manager29,446 UYU
37.   Sales Manager29,269 UYU
38.   Professor - Music28,973 UYU
39.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager28,735 UYU
40.   Financial Systems Manager28,438 UYU
41.   Dosimetrist28,110 UYU
42.   Investment Fund Manager27,952 UYU
43.   Nursery Manager27,817 UYU
44.   Head of Sustainability27,615 UYU
45.   Debt Adviser27,484 UYU
46.   Medical Policy Manager27,258 UYU
47.   Planning and Supply Manager27,172 UYU
48.   Mortgage Processing Manager27,044 UYU
49.   Fashion Design Manager26,977 UYU
50.   Technology Development Manager26,838 UYU
51.   Insurance Program Manager26,566 UYU
52.   Supervising Counselor26,463 UYU
53.   Group Home Manager26,335 UYU
54.   Child Psychotherapist26,208 UYU
55.   Industrial Ecologist26,091 UYU
56.   Corporate Banker26,026 UYU
57.   Supply Chain Development Manager25,839 UYU
58.   Corporate Strategy Analyst25,769 UYU
59.   Nursing Director25,678 UYU
60.   Trade Product Manager25,577 UYU
61.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader25,494 UYU
62.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager25,390 UYU
63.   Contracts Executive25,285 UYU
64.   Optimization Manager25,199 UYU
65.   Publishing and Printing Manager25,129 UYU
66.   Metallurgist25,063 UYU

How much money does a person working in Uruguay make?

21,589 UYU per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Uruguay typically earns around 21,589 UYU per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Montevideo23,845 UYU
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