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Best Paying Jobs in Bangkok (Krung Thep)

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology390,418 THB
2.   Naturopathic Physician335,306 THB
3.   Physician - Endocrinology301,808 THB
4.   Physician - Physiatry278,994 THB
5.   Physician - Pediatrics265,966 THB
6.   Exercise Physiologist250,351 THB
7.   Finance Director229,230 THB
8.   Financial Manager215,642 THB
9.   Physician - Geriatrics206,690 THB
10.   Rehabilitation Director196,006 THB
11.   Head of Public Relations190,829 THB
12.   Professor - Mathematics186,604 THB
13.   Global Wholesale Manager183,328 THB
14.   Administrative Director181,619 THB
15.   Real Estate General Manager179,096 THB
16.   Risk and Capital Manager177,707 THB
17.   Director of Project Management174,987 THB
18.   Distribution Manager173,192 THB
19.   Real Estate Project Director171,269 THB
20.   Professor - Medical Administration170,420 THB
21.   Chief Technology Officer168,639 THB
22.   Respiratory Care Practitioner167,439 THB
23.   Academic Clinician166,667 THB
24.   Market Development Manager165,500 THB
25.   Business Manager164,757 THB
26.   Chief Technologist163,708 THB
27.   Director of Medical Staff Services162,393 THB
28.   Professor - Philosophy161,407 THB
29.   Quality Control Manager160,421 THB
30.   Procurement Manager159,435 THB
31.   Head of Information Technology158,575 THB
32.   Professor - Geological Sciences157,742 THB
33.   Relationship Manager156,772 THB
34.   Head of Information Technology155,715 THB
35.   Microbiologist154,438 THB
36.   Information Technology Manager153,416 THB
37.   Marketing Vice President152,616 THB
38.   Technical Manager151,841 THB
39.   Financial Operations Manager150,838 THB
40.   Assistant Bank Manager150,266 THB
41.   Natural Sciences Manager149,589 THB
42.   Geoscientist148,817 THB
43.   Branch Manager147,565 THB
44.   Geologist146,450 THB
45.   Network and Infrastructure Manager145,653 THB
46.   Financial Systems Manager144,647 THB
47.   Service Delivery Manager143,540 THB
48.   Advertising Sales Director142,497 THB
49.   Loan Branch Manager141,839 THB
50.   Airport Services Manager139,607 THB
51.   Duty Manager139,100 THB
52.   Loan Collection Manager138,533 THB
53.   Associate Producer137,728 THB
54.   Debt Adviser137,191 THB
55.   Clinical Cytogeneticist136,473 THB
56.   Restaurant General Manager135,854 THB
57.   Investment Analyst135,240 THB
58.   Operations Manager134,648 THB
59.   Academic Manager134,238 THB
60.   Clinical Operations Manager133,701 THB
61.   Training and Development Manager133,164 THB
62.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager132,224 THB
63.   Human Resources Services Manager131,821 THB
64.   Area Manager131,312 THB
65.   Web Security Manager130,997 THB
66.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist130,704 THB
67.   Waste Management Manager130,293 THB
68.   Biochemistry Professor 129,915 THB
69.   Telecommunication Consultant129,608 THB
70.   Insurance Project Manager129,044 THB
71.   Quality Assurance Manager128,600 THB
72.   Real Estate Association Manager128,036 THB
73.   Engineering Production Manager127,630 THB
74.   Genetic Engineer127,219 THB
75.   Quality and Safety Site Leader126,882 THB
76.   Global Mobility Manager126,726 THB

How much money does a person working in Bangkok (Krung Thep) make?

112,691 THB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Bangkok (Krung Thep) typically earns around 112,691 THB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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