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Best Paying Jobs in Antalya

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology28,141 TRY
2.   Cardiology Manager24,875 TRY
3.   Forensic Pathologist22,645 TRY
4.   Psychololgist21,148 TRY
5.   Operating Room Services Director19,410 TRY
6.   Dietitian18,279 TRY
7.   Regional Director16,756 TRY
8.   Financial Director15,913 TRY
9.   Optician15,097 TRY
10.   Registered Dietitian14,804 TRY
11.   Strategy Director14,416 TRY
12.   Corporate Treasurer14,071 TRY
13.   Maternity Services Director13,882 TRY
14.   Area Sales Manager13,610 TRY
15.   Zone Manager13,479 TRY
16.   Quality Director13,337 TRY
17.   Professor - Physics13,201 TRY
18.   National Human Resource Manager13,065 TRY
19.   Professor - Physical Therapy12,927 TRY
20.   Professor - Electrical Engineering12,764 TRY
21.   Product Development Manager12,689 TRY
22.   Respiratory Care Practitioner12,600 TRY
23.   Economics Lecturer12,521 TRY
24.   Professor - Philosophy12,437 TRY
25.   Director of Client Services12,400 TRY
26.   Biological Scientist12,334 TRY
27.   Petroleum Geologist12,280 TRY
28.   Patent Attorney12,186 TRY
29.   Legal Executive12,106 TRY
30.   Geologist12,039 TRY
31.   Professor - Nursing11,949 TRY
32.   Distribution Executive11,862 TRY
33.   Internal Bank Audit Manager11,780 TRY
34.   Head of Retail11,725 TRY
35.   Life Scientist11,650 TRY
36.   Financial Operations Manager11,577 TRY
37.   Engineering Lecturer11,490 TRY
38.   Bank Project Manager11,411 TRY
39.   Product Marketing Manager11,307 TRY
40.   Regional Restaurant Manager11,214 TRY
41.   Physical Scientist11,106 TRY
42.   Risk Manager11,081 TRY
43.   Tax Research Manager10,993 TRY
44.   Project Development Manager10,891 TRY
45.   Business Development Executive10,785 TRY
46.   Technology Vice President10,773 TRY
47.   Insurance Operations Manager10,675 TRY
48.   Real Estate Project Manager10,572 TRY
49.   Marketing Consultant10,553 TRY
50.   Clinical School Psychologist10,465 TRY
51.   Communications Manager10,443 TRY
52.   Oil Trader10,344 TRY
53.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager10,257 TRY
54.   Lead Technical Field Advisor10,244 TRY
55.   Change Impact Analyst10,234 TRY
56.   Sport and Recreation Manager10,157 TRY
57.   Psychology Teacher10,145 TRY
58.   Loan Area Manager10,055 TRY
59.   Information Technology Project Director10,050 TRY
60.   Policy Change Director10,046 TRY
61.   Interface Design Manager9,952 TRY
62.   Head of Department9,945 TRY
63.   Geologist9,850 TRY
64.   Freelance Fashion Stylist9,847 TRY
65.   Real Estate Association Manager9,825 TRY
66.   Charities Fundraiser9,749 TRY
67.   Airline Pilot9,747 TRY
68.   Behavioral Health Specialist9,736 TRY
69.   Program Lead9,691 TRY
70.   Corporate Recruiter9,648 TRY
71.   Health Information Manager9,632 TRY

How much money does a person working in Antalya make?

8,852 TRY per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Antalya typically earns around 8,852 TRY per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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