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Best Paying Jobs in Bermuda

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Chief of Psychology5,309 BMD
2.   Interventionist4,824 BMD
3.   Forensic Pathologist4,340 BMD
4.   Physician - Podiatry4,019 BMD
5.   Executive Director3,701 BMD
6.   Orthotist3,472 BMD
7.   Surgical Assistant3,203 BMD
8.   Top Research and Development Executive2,961 BMD
9.   Director of Marketing2,867 BMD
10.   Head of Public Relations2,779 BMD
11.   Director of Marketing2,713 BMD
12.   Physician Assistant2,666 BMD
13.   Information Technology Manager2,634 BMD
14.   Credit Portfolio Manager2,602 BMD
15.   Sales and Marketing Director2,571 BMD
16.   Commercial Director2,541 BMD
17.   Television Executive Producer2,528 BMD
18.   Deputy General Manager2,510 BMD
19.   Marketing Executive2,487 BMD
20.   Online Banking Manager2,467 BMD
21.   Producer2,447 BMD
22.   Director of Production Planning2,431 BMD
23.   Territory Sales Manager2,413 BMD
24.   Media Program Director2,402 BMD
25.   Director of Operations2,382 BMD
26.   Marketing Manager2,353 BMD
27.   Vice President Sales2,334 BMD
28.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager2,324 BMD
29.   Power Plant Operations Manager2,314 BMD
30.   Territory Manager2,295 BMD
31.   Technical Manager2,283 BMD
32.   Litigation Paralegal2,266 BMD
33.   Human Resources Executive Director2,257 BMD
34.   Geophysicist2,240 BMD
35.   Service Delivery Manager2,222 BMD
36.   Credit and Collections Manager2,212 BMD
37.   Risk Manager2,188 BMD
38.   Recruiting Manager2,177 BMD
39.   Life Scientist2,159 BMD
40.   Depot Manager2,145 BMD
41.   Aviation Manager2,131 BMD
42.   Public Management Assistant Professor2,115 BMD
43.   Conservation Scientist2,099 BMD
44.   Regional Manager2,076 BMD
45.   Localization Manager2,060 BMD
46.   Airline Pilot2,049 BMD
47.   E-Commerce Sales Manager2,034 BMD
48.   HSE Manager2,022 BMD
49.   Paralegal2,006 BMD
50.   Associate Product Manager2,000 BMD
51.   Branch Manager1,994 BMD
52.   Enterprise Architecture Manager1,986 BMD
53.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant1,978 BMD
54.   Mining Project Manager1,966 BMD
55.   Freelance Fashion Stylist1,956 BMD
56.   Service Level Manager1,945 BMD
57.   Biochemist1,938 BMD
58.   Field Engineering Manager1,931 BMD
59.   Optimization Manager1,925 BMD
60.   Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager1,918 BMD
61.   Account Manager1,909 BMD
62.   Export Services Manager1,898 BMD
63.   Information Security Director1,890 BMD
64.   Social Media Marketing Manager1,886 BMD
65.   Distribution Manager1,879 BMD
66.   Technology Director1,871 BMD

How much money does a person working in Bermuda make?

1,608 BMD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Bermuda typically earns around 1,608 BMD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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