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Best Paying Jobs in Western Sahara

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric34,562 MAD
2.   Physician - Endocrinology30,184 MAD
3.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist27,559 MAD
4.   Doctor25,727 MAD
5.   Physician - Nephrology22,836 MAD
6.   Physician - CCU21,868 MAD
7.   Allergist20,075 MAD
8.   Correctional Treatment Specialist18,905 MAD
9.   Registered Dietitian18,373 MAD
10.   International Banking Manager17,898 MAD
11.   Tax Director17,398 MAD
12.   Chief Marketing Officer 17,267 MAD
13.   Risk Management Director16,729 MAD
14.   Regional Manager16,595 MAD
15.   Maternity Services Director16,384 MAD
16.   Distribution Manager16,142 MAD
17.   Finance Executive16,060 MAD
18.   Legal Services Manager16,006 MAD
19.   Professor - Sociology15,792 MAD
20.   General Manager15,748 MAD
21.   Relationship Manager15,617 MAD
22.   Head of Projects15,436 MAD
23.   Information Technology Project Manager15,390 MAD
24.   Relationship Manager15,257 MAD
25.   National Sales Manager15,124 MAD
26.   Human Resources Manager15,091 MAD
27.   Purchasing and Product Development Director14,922 MAD
28.   Chief Information Technology Officer14,812 MAD
29.   Chief of Police14,722 MAD
30.   Health Services Manager14,587 MAD
31.   Head of Human Resources14,494 MAD
32.   Project Manager14,436 MAD
33.   Check Processing Manager14,243 MAD
34.   Chief Human Resources Officer14,150 MAD
35.   Mortgage Funding Manager14,042 MAD
36.   Head of Development13,892 MAD
37.   ERP Project Manager13,779 MAD
38.   Portfolio Analyst 13,764 MAD
39.   Aircraft Pilot13,651 MAD
40.   Financial Systems Manager13,579 MAD
41.   Risk Modeling Manager13,486 MAD
42.   Psychometrist13,383 MAD
43.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager13,331 MAD
44.   Director of Catering Services13,208 MAD
45.   Accounting Head13,116 MAD
46.   Energy Advisor12,993 MAD
47.   Interface Design Manager12,981 MAD
48.   Geologist12,861 MAD
49.   Operations Manager12,848 MAD
50.   Quality Control Executive12,715 MAD
51.   Debt Adviser12,607 MAD
52.   Financial Reporting Manager12,598 MAD
53.   Business Intelligence Team Leader12,580 MAD
54.   Business Operations Lead12,477 MAD
55.   Legal Executive12,446 MAD
56.   Housing Manager12,349 MAD
57.   Digital Media Specialist12,335 MAD
58.   Quality Executive12,221 MAD
59.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist12,205 MAD
60.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor12,099 MAD
61.   Clinical Neuropsychologist12,097 MAD
62.   Director of Process Simplification12,091 MAD
63.   Associate Director11,974 MAD
64.   Finance Analyst11,973 MAD
65.   Quality Assurance Supervisor 11,912 MAD
66.   Engineering Manager11,850 MAD

How much money does a person working in Western Sahara make?

10,458 MAD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Western Sahara typically earns around 10,458 MAD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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