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Best Paying Jobs in Harare

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric862,908 ZWD
2.   Clinical Psychologist752,587 ZWD
3.   Cardiology Manager706,058 ZWD
4.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology648,518 ZWD
5.   Physician - Infectious Disease626,275 ZWD
6.   Nuclear Medicine Physician584,820 ZWD
7.   Psychometrician549,375 ZWD
8.   CEO527,936 ZWD
9.   Optometrist507,223 ZWD
10.   Physician - Family Practice478,793 ZWD
11.   Physician - Geriatrics452,899 ZWD
12.   Managing Director436,927 ZWD
13.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor430,222 ZWD
14.   Marketing Manager420,473 ZWD
15.   College Dean414,845 ZWD
16.   President of Marketing405,983 ZWD
17.   Marketing Manager402,178 ZWD
18.   Tax Director399,081 ZWD
19.   Sales Director392,888 ZWD
20.   Investment Advisor387,510 ZWD
21.   Lecturer384,955 ZWD
22.   Commercial Director380,358 ZWD
23.   Risk Management Director374,450 ZWD
24.   Area Sales Manager373,334 ZWD
25.   Hospitality Director371,252 ZWD
26.   Director of Operations369,234 ZWD
27.   Quality Assurance Manager367,322 ZWD
28.   Shopping Center Manager365,455 ZWD
29.   Territory Manager363,210 ZWD
30.   Supply Chain Director362,051 ZWD
31.   Fundraising Development Director359,881 ZWD
32.   Information Technology Manager357,701 ZWD
33.   Political Scientist356,472 ZWD
34.   Professor - Computer Science354,458 ZWD
35.   Professor - Architecture352,749 ZWD
36.   Professor - Legal Support349,974 ZWD
37.   Mortgage Operations Manager349,081 ZWD
38.   Location Manager347,824 ZWD
39.   Purchasing and Product Development Director346,454 ZWD
40.   Director of Training and Development343,786 ZWD
41.   Hardware Engineering Manager342,542 ZWD
42.   Treatment Services Director341,595 ZWD
43.   Relationship Manager339,790 ZWD
44.   Purchasing Manager338,701 ZWD
45.   Geologist337,281 ZWD
46.   Operations Supervisor335,145 ZWD
47.   Economist333,680 ZWD
48.   Petroleum Geologist331,802 ZWD
49.   Medical Insurance Manager330,432 ZWD
50.   Sales Account Manager328,815 ZWD
51.   Event Marketing327,541 ZWD
52.   Division Manager325,784 ZWD
53.   Sales Executive324,140 ZWD
54.   Head of Development322,550 ZWD
55.   Patient Services Director320,334 ZWD
56.   Production Director318,381 ZWD
57.   Community Development Manager317,726 ZWD
58.   Credit Risk Analyst316,708 ZWD
59.   Aviation Manager315,433 ZWD
60.   Head of School314,123 ZWD
61.   Associate Product Manager311,920 ZWD
62.   Marine Biologist311,151 ZWD
63.   Financial Banking Systems Manager309,213 ZWD
64.   Chemist307,650 ZWD
65.   Geologist305,536 ZWD
66.   Loan Audit Team Leader304,005 ZWD
67.   Insurance Sales Director302,326 ZWD
68.   Product Marketing Executive301,084 ZWD
69.   Project Portfolio Manager299,860 ZWD
70.   Online Marketing Manager299,217 ZWD
71.   Training and Development Manager298,533 ZWD
72.   Aircraft Quality Assurance297,859 ZWD
73.   Contracts Manager296,749 ZWD
74.   Interface Design Manager294,884 ZWD
75.   Banking Reference Data Manager294,143 ZWD
76.   Fashion Design Manager293,355 ZWD
77.   Education Consultant292,761 ZWD
78.   Clinical Operations Manager291,529 ZWD
79.   Corporate Strategy Analyst290,606 ZWD
80.   Sport and Recreation Manager289,185 ZWD
81.   Credit Analyst288,224 ZWD
82.   Actuary287,131 ZWD
83.   Recruitment Consultant286,324 ZWD
84.   Patient Care Services Executive285,505 ZWD
85.   Assistant Product Manager285,058 ZWD
86.   Labor Relations Director284,585 ZWD
87.   Quality Assurance Engineering Manager283,853 ZWD
88.   School Counselor282,875 ZWD
89.   Sales Analyst282,405 ZWD
90.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager281,521 ZWD
91.   Legal Counsel281,006 ZWD
92.   Agricultural Manager280,244 ZWD
93.   Leasing Manager279,886 ZWD
94.   Gas Supply Manager279,272 ZWD
95.   Engineering Project Director278,540 ZWD
96.   Product Development Scientist277,743 ZWD
97.   Account Manager277,230 ZWD
98.   International Cooperation Specialist276,420 ZWD
99.   Patient Relations Manager275,623 ZWD
100.   Human Resources Executive275,259 ZWD

How much money does a person working in Harare make?

230,699 ZWD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Harare typically earns around 230,699 ZWD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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