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Best Paying Jobs in Bulawayo

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology800,606 ZWD
2.   Cardiology Manager705,344 ZWD
3.   Prosthodontist673,351 ZWD
4.   Physician - Sports Medicine612,327 ZWD
5.   Physician578,702 ZWD
6.   Clinical Director536,784 ZWD
7.   Dietician506,497 ZWD
8.   Psychometrician486,032 ZWD
9.   Chief Financial Officer456,785 ZWD
10.   Finance Manager434,399 ZWD
11.   Franchise Manager417,351 ZWD
12.   President of Marketing405,573 ZWD
13.   Marketing Director396,756 ZWD
14.   Regional Sales Director390,770 ZWD
15.   Operations Manager383,527 ZWD
16.   Planning Director377,564 ZWD
17.   Operations Director374,023 ZWD
18.   Professor - Physics370,226 ZWD
19.   Administrative Director365,792 ZWD
20.   Genetic Counselor359,880 ZWD
21.   Sales Director358,402 ZWD
22.   Business Development Manager356,765 ZWD
23.   Corporate Director of Human Resources354,036 ZWD
24.   Audiologist352,672 ZWD
25.   Sales Manager350,324 ZWD
26.   Professor - Special Education348,579 ZWD
27.   Engineering Geologist345,850 ZWD
28.   State Advisor344,333 ZWD
29.   Hospitality Director341,757 ZWD
30.   Technical Manager339,273 ZWD
31.   Supply Chain Manager338,534 ZWD
32.   Chief Risk Officer336,971 ZWD
33.   Biological Scientist336,215 ZWD
34.   eMarketing Manager333,396 ZWD
35.   Professor - Drama331,428 ZWD
36.   General Manager329,479 ZWD
37.   Information Technology Operations Manager327,506 ZWD
38.   Business Development Manager326,199 ZWD
39.   Head of Direct Sales324,038 ZWD
40.   Technical Director322,276 ZWD
41.   Information Systems Manager320,332 ZWD
42.   Department Manager318,292 ZWD
43.   Chief Human Resources Officer317,041 ZWD
44.   Human Resources Executive Director315,921 ZWD
45.   Telecommunication Project Manager314,540 ZWD
46.   PMO Manager312,596 ZWD
47.   Investment Operations Manager311,265 ZWD
48.   Health Services Manager309,179 ZWD
49.   Campaign Manager308,025 ZWD
50.   Mathematician307,036 ZWD
51.   Marketing Distribution Executive305,131 ZWD
52.   Sales Manager302,983 ZWD
53.   Division Manager300,231 ZWD
54.   Import and Procurement Manager298,987 ZWD
55.   Government Officer297,292 ZWD
56.   Trade Marketing Executive295,303 ZWD
57.   Private Sector Executive293,439 ZWD
58.   Investment Analyst291,653 ZWD
59.   Associate Producer290,255 ZWD
60.   Aircraft Pilot289,334 ZWD
61.   Wildlife Biologist288,294 ZWD
62.   Legal Consultant286,913 ZWD
63.   Chemical Plant Operator285,412 ZWD
64.   Bank Auditing Manager283,962 ZWD
65.   Cluster Director283,075 ZWD
66.   Mortgage Collection Manager281,370 ZWD
67.   Product Development280,239 ZWD
68.   Insurance Operations Manager279,279 ZWD
69.   Private Banker278,385 ZWD
70.   Advertising Manager277,345 ZWD
71.   Chief Pilot276,493 ZWD
72.   Clinical Neuropsychologist275,771 ZWD
73.   Arbitrator274,890 ZWD
74.   Production Director274,037 ZWD
75.   Energy Auditor272,485 ZWD
76.   Administrative Director271,973 ZWD
77.   Call Center Manager270,905 ZWD
78.   Airfield Operations Specialist270,149 ZWD
79.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager269,626 ZWD
80.   Information Technology Project Manager269,489 ZWD
81.   Plant Manager268,523 ZWD
82.   Cross Platform Security Manager267,573 ZWD
83.   Materials Scientist266,857 ZWD
84.   Localization Manager266,318 ZWD
85.   Export Logistics Manager265,766 ZWD
86.   Area Manager265,163 ZWD
87.   Group Home Manager264,493 ZWD
88.   Aircraft Captain263,424 ZWD
89.   Global Mobility Manager262,457 ZWD
90.   Business Advisor261,928 ZWD

How much money does a person working in Bulawayo make?

220,444 ZWD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Bulawayo typically earns around 220,444 ZWD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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