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Best Paying Jobs in Constantine 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric860,000 DZD
2.   Physician - Radiation Therapy761,000 DZD
3.   Physician - Endocrinology717,000 DZD
4.   Obstetrician650,000 DZD
5.   Forensic Pathologist621,000 DZD
6.   Clinical Director593,000 DZD
7.   CEO553,000 DZD
8.   Physician - Hospitalist537,000 DZD
9.   Executive Director517,000 DZD
10.   Capital Risk Manager476,000 DZD
11.   Physician - Family Practice463,000 DZD
12.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine445,000 DZD
13.   Top Research and Development Executive434,000 DZD
14.   International Banking Manager424,000 DZD
15.   General Manager420,000 DZD
16.   Corporate Services General Manager412,000 DZD
17.   Sales Director406,000 DZD
18.   Speech and Language Pathologist401,000 DZD
19.   Regional Sales Manager394,000 DZD
20.   Head of Strategy390,000 DZD
21.   Information Technology Director387,000 DZD
22.   Epidemiologist385,000 DZD
23.   Recreation Director382,000 DZD
24.   Audiologist378,000 DZD
25.   Production Manager376,000 DZD
26.   Professor - Education374,000 DZD
27.   Supply Chain Director372,000 DZD
28.   National Account Manager370,000 DZD
29.   Supply Operations Manager369,000 DZD
30.   Head of Investment367,000 DZD
31.   Media Sales Manager365,000 DZD
32.   Head of Projects364,000 DZD
33.   Sales Administration Manager362,000 DZD
34.   Immigration Executive360,000 DZD
35.   Chief Information Officer359,000 DZD
36.   Paralegal357,000 DZD
37.   Director of Strategic Supplier Relations356,000 DZD
38.   Geologist353,000 DZD
39.   Litigation Paralegal351,000 DZD
40.   National Sales Manager350,000 DZD
41.   Associate Medical Affairs Director349,000 DZD
42.   Patent Attorney346,000 DZD
43.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences344,000 DZD
44.   Geothermal Production Manager343,000 DZD
45.   Director of Communications341,000 DZD
46.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager340,000 DZD
47.   Service Delivery Manager339,000 DZD
48.   Commercial Sales Manager337,000 DZD
49.   Director of Catering Services335,000 DZD
50.   Client Account Manager334,000 DZD
51.   General Manager332,000 DZD
52.   Professor - Social Work331,000 DZD
53.   Aviation Manager330,000 DZD
54.   Post Doctoral Researcher328,000 DZD
55.   Human Resources Vice President327,000 DZD
56.   Financial Systems Manager325,000 DZD
57.   Information Technology Product Manager323,000 DZD
58.   Loans Manager321,000 DZD
59.   Credit Manager319,000 DZD
60.   Portfolio Analyst 318,000 DZD
61.   Geologist316,000 DZD
62.   Insurance Manager315,000 DZD
63.   Media Product Development Manager313,000 DZD
64.   Loan Audit Team Leader311,000 DZD
65.   Assistant Finance Manager309,000 DZD
66.   Legal Advisor308,000 DZD
67.   Executive307,000 DZD
68.   Operations Analyst304,000 DZD
69.   Production Director303,000 DZD
70.   Recreation Manager302,000 DZD
71.   Operations Training Specialist Head301,000 DZD
72.   Customer Service Manager300,000 DZD
73.   Bank Auditing Manager298,000 DZD
74.   Internal Sales Manager297,000 DZD
75.   Housing Manager297,000 DZD
76.   Broadcasting Presenter296,000 DZD
77.   Administrative Director295,000 DZD
78.   Media Operations Manager294,000 DZD
79.   Associate Marketing Manager293,000 DZD
80.   Cash Management Manager293,000 DZD
81.   Environmental Scientist292,000 DZD
82.   Department Supervisor291,000 DZD
83.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist291,000 DZD
84.   Medical Records Director290,000 DZD
85.   Telecommunication Consultant289,000 DZD
86.   Assistant Product Manager288,000 DZD
87.   Labor Relations Director287,000 DZD
88.   Head of Department286,000 DZD
89.   Director of Facilities Management285,000 DZD
90.   Art Director285,000 DZD
91.   Information Technology Project Leader284,000 DZD
92.   Human Resources Consultant283,000 DZD
93.   Assistant Service Delivery Manager283,000 DZD
94.   Online Banking Specialist282,000 DZD
95.   Social Scientist282,000 DZD
96.   Online Marketing Manager281,000 DZD
97.   Actuary281,000 DZD
98.   Real Estate Valuer280,000 DZD
99.   Assistant Information Technology Project Manager279,000 DZD
100.   Hydrologist278,000 DZD

How much money does a person working in Constantine make?

Average Monthly Salary
239,000 DZD
( 2,870,000 DZD yearly)


A person working in Constantine typically earns around 239,000 DZD per month. Salaries range from 32,400 DZD (lowest) to 1,060,000 DZD (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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