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Best Paying Jobs in Annaba 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric840,000 DZD
2.   Chief of Psychology726,000 DZD
3.   Interventionist688,000 DZD
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist626,000 DZD
5.   Forensic Pathologist598,000 DZD
6.   Exercise Physiologist563,000 DZD
7.   Preventive Medicine Physician538,000 DZD
8.   CEO513,000 DZD
9.   Finance Director481,000 DZD
10.   Surgical Assistant451,000 DZD
11.   Corporate Treasurer428,000 DZD
12.   Mental Health Therapst421,000 DZD
13.   Brand Manager407,000 DZD
14.   Strategy Director403,000 DZD
15.   Director of Marketing397,000 DZD
16.   Sales Executive394,000 DZD
17.   Legal Services Manager389,000 DZD
18.   Sales Director385,000 DZD
19.   Planning Director382,000 DZD
20.   Manager378,000 DZD
21.   Planning Director375,000 DZD
22.   Academic Clinician370,000 DZD
23.   Internal Bank Audit Manager369,000 DZD
24.   Quality Manager366,000 DZD
25.   Online Banking Manager364,000 DZD
26.   Director of Accreditation362,000 DZD
27.   Shopping Center Manager360,000 DZD
28.   Real Estate General Manager357,000 DZD
29.   Director of Client Services355,000 DZD
30.   Economist353,000 DZD
31.   Knowledge Manager352,000 DZD
32.   International Tax Director350,000 DZD
33.   Goods Manufacturing Practices348,000 DZD
34.   Head of Information Technology346,000 DZD
35.   Director of Operations344,000 DZD
36.   Pharmaceutical Manager343,000 DZD
37.   Emergency Services Director341,000 DZD
38.   Biomedical Scientist340,000 DZD
39.   Director of Product Management338,000 DZD
40.   Professor - Communication337,000 DZD
41.   Distribution Director336,000 DZD
42.   Group Head of Human Resources335,000 DZD
43.   Emergency Management Director333,000 DZD
44.   Professor - Civil Engineering331,000 DZD
45.   Department Manager328,000 DZD
46.   Water Ecologist327,000 DZD
47.   Import and Export Manager326,000 DZD
48.   Physicist324,000 DZD
49.   Import and Procurement Manager323,000 DZD
50.   Due Diligence Analyst321,000 DZD
51.   Clinical Study Manager318,000 DZD
52.   Fundraising Manager317,000 DZD
53.   Bank Propositions Manager314,000 DZD
54.   ERP Project Manager313,000 DZD
55.   Mortgage Funding Manager311,000 DZD
56.   Bank Relationship Manager309,000 DZD
57.   Paralegal307,000 DZD
58.   Digital Marketing Strategist 305,000 DZD
59.   Post Doctoral Researcher303,000 DZD
60.   Director of Catering Services302,000 DZD
61.   Media Design Manager301,000 DZD
62.   Actor299,000 DZD
63.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager298,000 DZD
64.   Chemist297,000 DZD
65.   Head of Department296,000 DZD
66.   Contracts Manager295,000 DZD
67.   Airport Services Manager294,000 DZD
68.   Lecturer293,000 DZD
69.   Operations Manager292,000 DZD
70.   Psychometrist291,000 DZD
71.   Fashion Design Manager290,000 DZD
72.   Education Assistant Professor289,000 DZD
73.   Associate Producer289,000 DZD
74.   Advertising Manager288,000 DZD
75.   Construction Project Manager287,000 DZD
76.   Law Teacher286,000 DZD
77.   Project Engineering Manager285,000 DZD
78.   Information Security Manager284,000 DZD
79.   Sociologist282,000 DZD
80.   Clinical Data Manager281,000 DZD
81.   Export Logistics Manager280,000 DZD
82.   Master Instructor279,000 DZD
83.   District Manager278,000 DZD
84.   Airfield Management Specialist278,000 DZD
85.   Business Analyst277,000 DZD
86.   Real Estate Valuer276,000 DZD
87.   Business Operations Lead276,000 DZD
88.   Real Estate Association Manager275,000 DZD
89.   Revenue Manager274,000 DZD
90.   Assistant Project Manager273,000 DZD

How much money does a person working in Annaba make?

Average Monthly Salary
235,000 DZD
( 2,820,000 DZD yearly)


A person working in Annaba typically earns around 235,000 DZD per month. Salaries range from 31,800 DZD (lowest average) to 1,040,000 DZD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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