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Best Paying Jobs in Botswana

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology43,437 BWP
2.   Internist37,294 BWP
3.   Oral Surgeon35,236 BWP
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology32,578 BWP
5.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology30,953 BWP
6.   Counseling Psychologist29,362 BWP
7.   Exercise Physiologist27,665 BWP
8.   Executive Director26,616 BWP
9.   Orthotist25,459 BWP
10.   Financial Director24,059 BWP
11.   Physician - Geriatrics22,645 BWP
12.   International Banking Manager21,803 BWP
13.   Physiotherapist21,544 BWP
14.   Area Sales Director21,024 BWP
15.   Risk and Capital Manager20,774 BWP
16.   Regional Sales Director20,302 BWP
17.   Corporate Services General Manager19,929 BWP
18.   Regional Sales Manager19,702 BWP
19.   Physical Therapist19,470 BWP
20.   Professor - Chemical Engineering19,322 BWP
21.   Sales Director19,161 BWP
22.   Brand Manager18,984 BWP
23.   Purchasing and Sales Executive18,797 BWP
24.   Operations Manager18,696 BWP
25.   Media Sales Manager18,636 BWP
26.   Audiologist18,545 BWP
27.   Legal Executive18,376 BWP
28.   Business Development Manager18,259 BWP
29.   Professor - Accounting18,187 BWP
30.   Administrative Law Judge18,116 BWP
31.   Marketing and Business Development Manager18,045 BWP
32.   Immigration Executive17,983 BWP
33.   Client Services Manager17,858 BWP
34.   Director of Technology17,771 BWP
35.   Professor - Chemistry17,685 BWP
36.   Vice President of Finance17,482 BWP
37.   Foundation Director17,401 BWP
38.   Information Technology Operations Manager17,361 BWP
39.   Head of Executive Search17,258 BWP
40.   Media Relation Executive17,167 BWP
41.   Derivative Trader17,088 BWP
42.   National Sales Manager17,044 BWP
43.   Search Marketing Strategist16,973 BWP
44.   University Teacher16,950 BWP
45.   Patient Services Director16,858 BWP
46.   Head of Information Technology16,753 BWP
47.   Business Manager16,676 BWP
48.   Assistant Managing Director16,607 BWP
49.   Head of Retail16,507 BWP
50.   Paralegal16,463 BWP
51.   General Manager16,361 BWP
52.   Market Segmentation Director16,304 BWP
53.   eMarketing Manager16,252 BWP
54.   National Customer Solution Specialist16,214 BWP
55.   Fundraising Manager16,148 BWP
56.   Investment Operations Manager16,047 BWP
57.   Professor - Music15,952 BWP
58.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager15,886 BWP
59.   Investment Analyst15,824 BWP
60.   Head of Development15,726 BWP
61.   Media Product Development Manager15,611 BWP
62.   Head of Sustainability15,489 BWP
63.   Health Compliance Manager15,404 BWP
64.   Energy Advisor15,308 BWP
65.   Estimating Manager15,262 BWP
66.   Energy Dispatch Director15,156 BWP
67.   Production Supervisor15,095 BWP
68.   Guidance Director15,005 BWP
69.   Accounting Head14,970 BWP
70.   Product Development14,917 BWP
71.   Real Estate Project Manager14,852 BWP
72.   Marketing Communications Manager14,795 BWP
73.   Legal Consultant14,737 BWP
74.   Regional Restaurant Manager14,690 BWP
75.   Real Estate Appraiser14,679 BWP
76.   Director of Rehabilitation Services14,609 BWP
77.   Infection Control Practitioner14,582 BWP
78.   Validation Manager14,548 BWP
79.   Public Management Assistant Professor14,501 BWP
80.   Marine Biologist14,441 BWP
81.   Insurance Sales Director14,387 BWP
82.   Biomedical Engineering Director14,356 BWP
83.   Geologist14,322 BWP
84.   Operations Training Specialist Head14,297 BWP
85.   Change Management14,246 BWP
86.   Expatriate Administration Manager14,218 BWP
87.   Law Teacher14,173 BWP
88.   Head of Department14,143 BWP
89.   Benefits Manager14,109 BWP
90.   Dental Therapist14,060 BWP
91.   Paraprofessional14,016 BWP
92.   Export Services Manager13,978 BWP
93.   Airlines Sales Director13,954 BWP
94.   Information Technology Project Manager13,946 BWP
95.   Private Banker13,910 BWP
96.   Animal Scientist13,890 BWP
97.   Regional Manager13,855 BWP
98.   Quality Executive13,833 BWP
99.   Master Instructor13,792 BWP
100.   Loan Team Leader13,755 BWP

How much money does a person working in Botswana make?

11,838 BWP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Botswana typically earns around 11,838 BWP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Gaborone14,554 BWP
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