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Best Paying Jobs in Batna

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology829,256 DZD
2.   Internist711,983 DZD
3.   Oral Surgeon672,697 DZD
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology621,951 DZD
5.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology590,913 DZD
6.   Counseling Psychologist560,545 DZD
7.   Exercise Physiologist528,144 DZD
8.   Executive Director508,117 DZD
9.   Orthotist486,032 DZD
10.   Financial Director459,303 DZD
11.   Physician - Geriatrics432,313 DZD
12.   International Banking Manager416,242 DZD
13.   Physiotherapist411,297 DZD
14.   Area Sales Director401,360 DZD
15.   Risk and Capital Manager396,591 DZD
16.   Regional Sales Director387,586 DZD
17.   Corporate Services General Manager380,469 DZD
18.   Regional Sales Manager376,138 DZD
19.   Physical Therapist371,704 DZD
20.   Operational Manager368,873 DZD
21.   Government Affairs Director365,792 DZD
22.   Brand Manager362,427 DZD
23.   Purchasing and Sales Executive358,845 DZD
24.   Marketing and Sales Head356,924 DZD
25.   Media Sales Manager355,787 DZD
26.   Human Resources Director354,036 DZD
27.   Legal Executive350,807 DZD
28.   Director of Medical Staff Services348,579 DZD
29.   Emergency Services Director347,215 DZD
30.   Hospitality Director345,850 DZD
31.   Skin Care Specialist344,486 DZD
32.   Immigration Executive343,303 DZD
33.   Client Services Manager340,928 DZD
34.   Director of Technology339,273 DZD
35.   Professor - Chemistry337,631 DZD
36.   Vice President of Finance333,742 DZD
37.   Chief Technologist332,207 DZD
38.   Information Technology Operations Manager331,428 DZD
39.   Head of Executive Search329,479 DZD
40.   Media Relation Executive327,739 DZD
41.   Derivative Trader326,221 DZD
42.   Professor - Special Education325,386 DZD
43.   Biological Scientist324,038 DZD
44.   Medical Insurance Manager323,584 DZD
45.   Patient Services Director321,833 DZD
46.   Head of Information Technology319,826 DZD
47.   Information Technology Manager318,354 DZD
48.   Assistant Managing Director317,041 DZD
49.   Head of Retail315,142 DZD
50.   Paralegal314,301 DZD
51.   Health Compliance Director312,340 DZD
52.   Market Segmentation Director311,265 DZD
53.   eMarketing Manager310,270 DZD
54.   Financial Systems Manager309,537 DZD
55.   Industrial Production Manager308,286 DZD
56.   Professor - Social Work306,354 DZD
57.   Mathematician304,534 DZD
58.   Professor - Rehabilitation303,284 DZD
59.   Investment Analyst302,090 DZD
60.   Head of Development300,214 DZD
61.   Media Product Development Manager298,026 DZD
62.   Head of Sustainability295,695 DZD
63.   Health Compliance Manager294,075 DZD
64.   Energy Advisor292,250 DZD
65.   Portfolio Analyst 291,363 DZD
66.   Energy Dispatch Director289,334 DZD
67.   Production Supervisor288,174 DZD
68.   Guidance Director286,452 DZD
69.   Airfield Management Specialist285,799 DZD
70.   Product Development284,786 DZD
71.   Real Estate Project Manager283,536 DZD
72.   Marketing Communications Manager282,451 DZD
73.   Legal Consultant281,342 DZD
74.   Regional Restaurant Manager280,450 DZD
75.   Enterprise Architecture Manager280,227 DZD
76.   Director of Rehabilitation Services278,897 DZD
77.   SEO Manager278,385 DZD
78.   Validation Manager277,738 DZD
79.   Public Management Assistant Professor276,828 DZD
80.   Marine Biologist275,691 DZD
81.   Insurance Sales Director274,656 DZD
82.   Loan Branch Manager274,071 DZD
83.   Service Delivery Manager273,418 DZD
84.   Operations Training Specialist Head272,934 DZD
85.   Risk Management Specialist271,973 DZD
86.   Expatriate Administration Manager271,439 DZD
87.   Lecturer270,569 DZD
88.   Head of Department270,007 DZD
89.   Benefits Manager269,347 DZD
90.   Psychology Teacher268,409 DZD
91.   Paraprofessional267,573 DZD
92.   Export Services Manager266,857 DZD
93.   Corporate Controller266,396 DZD
94.   Information Technology Project Manager266,249 DZD
95.   Private Banker265,561 DZD
96.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager265,163 DZD
97.   Regional Manager264,504 DZD
98.   Distribution Manager264,089 DZD
99.   Master Instructor263,293 DZD
100.   Loan Team Leader262,589 DZD

How much money does a person working in Batna make?

225,989 DZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Batna typically earns around 225,989 DZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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