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Best Paying Jobs in Blida

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist831,229 DZD
2.   Physician - Dermatology715,276 DZD
3.   Naturopathic Physician671,441 DZD
4.   Periodontist621,648 DZD
5.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine580,698 DZD
6.   Counseling Psychologist542,012 DZD
7.   Chief Executive Officer527,585 DZD
8.   Ophthalmologist492,372 DZD
9.   Chief Financial Officer465,921 DZD
10.   Vice President440,961 DZD
11.   Finance Manager431,852 DZD
12.   Director416,038 DZD
13.   Corporate Treasurer402,238 DZD
14.   Sales Director393,836 DZD
15.   Operations Executive390,067 DZD
16.   Astronomer385,922 DZD
17.   Chief Operating Officer382,906 DZD
18.   Manager378,860 DZD
19.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer374,992 DZD
20.   Operations Executive372,179 DZD
21.   Maternity Services Director368,208 DZD
22.   Administrative Director363,686 DZD
23.   Inventory Accountant361,317 DZD
24.   Lecturer358,606 DZD
25.   Corporate Director355,881 DZD
26.   Director of Project Management352,981 DZD
27.   Group Head of Human Resources351,410 DZD
28.   Professor - Chemistry348,338 DZD
29.   National Sales Manager346,853 DZD
30.   Risk Management Director344,720 DZD
31.   Professor - English343,391 DZD
32.   Human Resources Director342,330 DZD
33.   Statistics Lecturer340,724 DZD
34.   Assistant Bank Manager339,390 DZD
35.   Business Development Manager337,808 DZD
36.   Professor - Architecture337,082 DZD
37.   Territory Manager336,384 DZD
38.   Government Affairs Representative334,544 DZD
39.   Sales Administration Manager333,285 DZD
40.   Client Services Manager331,940 DZD
41.   Math Lecturer330,850 DZD
42.   Supply Chain Manager328,345 DZD
43.   Professor - Foreign Languages326,536 DZD
44.   Sales Manager324,842 DZD
45.   Global Product Manager322,500 DZD
46.   Conservation Scientist321,387 DZD
47.   Judge Advocate319,832 DZD
48.   Tax Research Manager318,108 DZD
49.   Commercial Sales Manager315,409 DZD
50.   Director of Talent Acquisition313,846 DZD
51.   Technology Vice President311,411 DZD
52.   ERP Project Manager309,280 DZD
53.   Bank Programme Manager307,738 DZD
54.   Division Manager306,236 DZD
55.   Clinician304,885 DZD
56.   Insurance Manager302,971 DZD
57.   Corporate Affairs Executive301,223 DZD
58.   Bank Operations Specialist298,321 DZD
59.   Airport Services Manager296,999 DZD
60.   Bid Manager295,949 DZD
61.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist294,889 DZD
62.   Legal Consultant292,651 DZD
63.   Sociologist291,230 DZD
64.   Geologist290,094 DZD
65.   Actor289,033 DZD
66.   Bank Relationship Manager288,319 DZD
67.   Actuarial Analyst286,548 DZD
68.   Telecommunications Assistant Manager285,860 DZD
69.   Insurance Operations Manager284,864 DZD
70.   Customer Service Manager283,605 DZD
71.   Fashion Store Manager282,316 DZD
72.   E-Commerce Manager282,045 DZD
73.   Meteorologist281,483 DZD
74.   Service Level Manager280,625 DZD
75.   Aircraft Quality Assurance279,987 DZD
76.   Information Technology Team Leader278,503 DZD
77.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist277,761 DZD
78.   Spa Manager277,204 DZD
79.   Senor Environmental Health Practitioner276,143 DZD
80.   Business Operations Specialist275,505 DZD
81.   Risk Management Supervisor274,699 DZD
82.   Web Applications Manager273,835 DZD
83.   Pharmacist273,186 DZD
84.   Engineering Production Manager272,516 DZD
85.   Clinical Operations Manager271,910 DZD
86.   Analytical Chemist271,081 DZD
87.   Associate Director270,472 DZD
88.   Instrumentation Manager269,533 DZD
89.   Import and Export Consultant268,832 DZD
90.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager267,988 DZD

How much money does a person working in Blida make?

230,745 DZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Blida typically earns around 230,745 DZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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