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Best Paying Jobs in Albania

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology336,636 ALL
2.   Physician - Radiology299,350 ALL
3.   Radiation Therapist269,323 ALL
4.   Obstetrician258,109 ALL
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician239,245 ALL
6.   Physician - Hospitalist223,648 ALL
7.   Orthotist213,781 ALL
8.   Surgical Assistant198,208 ALL
9.   Podiatrist187,470 ALL
10.   Managing Director178,743 ALL
11.   Physician - Otolaryngology174,131 ALL
12.   Corporate Services General Manager171,463 ALL
13.   Nuclear Engineer166,749 ALL
14.   Group Branch Manager164,611 ALL
15.   Tax Director163,260 ALL
16.   Professor - Law160,291 ALL
17.   Planning Director158,100 ALL
18.   Telecommunications Manager156,926 ALL
19.   Commercial Real Estate Manager153,586 ALL
20.   Certified Respiratory Therapist152,727 ALL
21.   Chief Operating Officer151,603 ALL
22.   Supply Chain Manager150,675 ALL
23.   Search Marketing Strategist149,746 ALL
24.   Head of Projects148,806 ALL
25.   Supply Chain Director148,112 ALL
26.   Bank Branch Manager147,101 ALL
27.   Human Resources Executive Director146,084 ALL
28.   Business Development Manager145,122 ALL
29.   Regional Manager144,397 ALL
30.   Professor - Legal Support143,171 ALL
31.   Associate Medical Affairs Director142,601 ALL
32.   Lawyer141,936 ALL
33.   General Counsel141,338 ALL
34.   Marketing and Business Development Manager140,328 ALL
35.   Treatment Services Director139,743 ALL
36.   Biological Scientist138,873 ALL
37.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences138,439 ALL
38.   Government Relations Associate137,418 ALL
39.   Medical Scientist136,698 ALL
40.   Petroleum Geologist135,737 ALL
41.   Mining Project Manager135,038 ALL
42.   Credit Manager134,170 ALL
43.   Media Design Manager133,597 ALL
44.   Wildlife Biologist132,636 ALL
45.   Head of Development131,952 ALL
46.   Quality Assurance Executive130,973 ALL
47.   Energy Dispatch Director130,213 ALL
48.   Clinical Study Manager129,694 ALL
49.   Campaign Manager129,097 ALL
50.   Head of School128,505 ALL
51.   Scientist127,533 ALL
52.   Clinical Cytogeneticist126,943 ALL
53.   Ambulatory Services Director126,021 ALL
54.   Assistant Hospitality Manager125,231 ALL
55.   Loan Audit Team Leader124,366 ALL
56.   Business Consultant123,588 ALL
57.   Project Sales Executive122,919 ALL
58.   Localization Manager122,525 ALL
59.   Energy Advisor122,174 ALL
60.   Aircraft Quality Assurance121,852 ALL
61.   Energy Analyst121,291 ALL
62.   Biomedical Engineering Director120,474 ALL
63.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 120,124 ALL
64.   Planning and Reporting Manager119,864 ALL
65.   Clinical Operations Manager119,262 ALL
66.   Lecturer118,851 ALL
67.   Policy Change Director118,114 ALL
68.   Aircraft Captain117,590 ALL
69.   Import and Export Consultant117,208 ALL
70.   Patient Care Services Executive116,798 ALL
71.   Change Management116,560 ALL
72.   Network Administration Team Lead116,276 ALL
73.   Fraud Analyst115,833 ALL
74.   Advanced Practice Provider115,537 ALL
75.   Financial Planner115,168 ALL
76.   Supply Chain Development Manager114,845 ALL
77.   Pilot114,570 ALL
78.   Labor Relations Manager114,305 ALL
79.   Restaurant Manager114,107 ALL
80.   Product Development Scientist113,622 ALL
81.   Logistic Executive113,405 ALL
82.   Deputy Sales Manager113,030 ALL
83.   Hydrologist112,701 ALL

How much money does a person working in Albania make?

94,377 ALL per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Albania typically earns around 94,377 ALL per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Berat91,648 ALL
Durres103,210 ALL
Elbasan99,491 ALL
Fier95,763 ALL
Gjirokaster90,111 ALL
Korca94,042 ALL
Lezhe86,722 ALL
Sarande88,376 ALL
Shkodra98,083 ALL
Tirana104,904 ALL
Vlore102,034 ALL
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