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Best Paying Jobs in Setif

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric779,914 DZD
2.   Physician - Dermatology675,192 DZD
3.   Radiation Therapist612,787 DZD
4.   Neurologist582,148 DZD
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician540,388 DZD
6.   Dentist513,347 DZD
7.   Group Financial Manager483,788 DZD
8.   Optometrist459,331 DZD
9.   Financial Manager427,834 DZD
10.   Physiotherapist415,995 DZD
11.   Vice President395,801 DZD
12.   Speech and Language Pathologist387,316 DZD
13.   Marketing Manager379,796 DZD
14.   Deputy Head of Finance372,860 DZD
15.   Deputy Director367,890 DZD
16.   Bank Operations Head363,657 DZD
17.   Area Sales Director360,994 DZD
18.   Sales Director354,855 DZD
19.   Territory Sales Manager350,031 DZD
20.   Fundraising Director347,624 DZD
21.   Commercial Director346,632 DZD
22.   Professor - Accounting344,281 DZD
23.   Property Operations Manager341,819 DZD
24.   Business Development Manager340,939 DZD
25.   Sales Manager337,746 DZD
26.   Professor - Physical Therapy336,928 DZD
27.   Product Development Manager334,254 DZD
28.   Professor - Sociology331,958 DZD
29.   Professor - Communication330,243 DZD
30.   Psychologist327,569 DZD
31.   Professor - Biology325,385 DZD
32.   Production Manager323,547 DZD
33.   Vice President Sales320,884 DZD
34.   University Teacher320,315 DZD
35.   Professor - Music318,667 DZD
36.   Marketing and Business Development Manager317,541 DZD
37.   Chief Human Resources Officer315,603 DZD
38.   Economics Lecturer313,909 DZD
39.   Head of Retail311,959 DZD
40.   Import and Procurement Manager309,853 DZD
41.   Technical Manager307,503 DZD
42.   Sales Manager306,639 DZD
43.   Relationship Manager304,839 DZD
44.   Government Relations Associate303,603 DZD
45.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager300,828 DZD
46.   Network and Infrastructure Manager299,909 DZD
47.   Interventional Radiographer298,199 DZD
48.   Clinical Scientist296,817 DZD
49.   Credit Risk Analyst295,073 DZD
50.   Energy Dispatch Director292,639 DZD
51.   Digital Marketing Manager291,090 DZD
52.   Banking Product Manager289,341 DZD
53.   Property Manager286,890 DZD
54.   Geophysicist285,787 DZD
55.   Branch Manager284,021 DZD
56.   Director of Research283,698 DZD
57.   Assistant Product Manager281,274 DZD
58.   Regional Manager281,007 DZD
59.   Physical Scientist278,433 DZD
60.   Lab Manager277,848 DZD
61.   Localization Manager275,581 DZD
62.   Insurance Program Manager275,214 DZD
63.   Academic Manager272,985 DZD
64.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 272,568 DZD
65.   Youth Development Manager270,255 DZD
66.   Information Technology Executive269,921 DZD
67.   Labor Relations Manager269,408 DZD
68.   Claims Manager267,403 DZD
69.   Marketing Communications Manager267,275 DZD
70.   SEO Manager267,057 DZD
71.   Supply Chain Development Manager264,795 DZD
72.   Fashion Store Manager264,629 DZD
73.   Human Resources Officer264,228 DZD
74.   Service Delivery Manager263,603 DZD
75.   Warehouse Manager262,066 DZD
76.   Department Supervisor261,982 DZD
77.   Fraud Detection Supervisor261,069 DZD
78.   Social Scientist259,381 DZD
79.   Oil Trader259,336 DZD
80.   Behavioral Health Specialist259,047 DZD
81.   Hairstylist258,211 DZD
82.   Security Management Specialist257,833 DZD
83.   Operations Training Specialist Head256,668 DZD

How much money does a person working in Setif make?

221,922 DZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Setif typically earns around 221,922 DZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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