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Best Paying Jobs in Chlef

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology716,057 DZD
2.   Physician - Dermatology611,261 DZD
3.   Psychiatrist565,605 DZD
4.   Physician - Physiatry527,213 DZD
5.   Exercise Physiologist487,880 DZD
6.   Optometrist461,438 DZD
7.   Finance Manager420,724 DZD
8.   Radiographer393,559 DZD
9.   International Banking Manager375,360 DZD
10.   Deputy Head of Finance367,353 DZD
11.   Head of Strategy355,131 DZD
12.   Group Branch Manager350,895 DZD
13.   Deputy CFO344,258 DZD
14.   Professor - Physical Therapy340,681 DZD
15.   Television Executive Producer337,888 DZD
16.   Sales and Marketing Director333,809 DZD
17.   Brand Manager329,290 DZD
18.   Professor - Accounting326,968 DZD
19.   Marketing and Sales Head324,291 DZD
20.   Professor - Special Education321,948 DZD
21.   Public Relations Manager319,437 DZD
22.   Engagement Manager316,958 DZD
23.   Territory Sales Manager313,287 DZD
24.   Biomedical Scientist311,906 DZD
25.   Marketing and Business Development Manager310,651 DZD
26.   Education Director309,166 DZD
27.   Director of Technology307,320 DZD
28.   Brand Ambassador305,631 DZD
29.   University Teacher303,711 DZD
30.   Network and Infrastructure Manager301,285 DZD
31.   Corporate Director of Human Resources299,355 DZD
32.   Power Plant Operations Manager298,100 DZD
33.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager296,280 DZD
34.   Chairman Office Manager294,089 DZD
35.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist291,997 DZD
36.   Executive Human Capital Management290,349 DZD
37.   Human Resources Vice President288,226 DZD
38.   Technical Manager286,872 DZD
39.   Product Manager284,387 DZD
40.   Duty Manager281,714 DZD
41.   Geologist279,586 DZD
42.   Communications Manager277,311 DZD
43.   Commercial Manager275,742 DZD
44.   Mortgage Funding Manager273,650 DZD
45.   Assistant Vice President271,417 DZD
46.   Talent Acquisition Manager269,173 DZD
47.   Digital Marketing Strategist 268,054 DZD
48.   Technical Project Manager265,816 DZD
49.   Marketing Segment Manager264,477 DZD
50.   Education Researcher262,579 DZD
51.   Geologist260,885 DZD
52.   Quality Assurance Manager259,859 DZD
53.   Six Sigma Black Belt258,363 DZD
54.   Operations Manager 257,097 DZD
55.   Energy Dispatch Director256,585 DZD
56.   Service Delivery Manager255,728 DZD
57.   Airfield Management Specialist254,734 DZD
58.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director253,892 DZD
59.   Associate Producer252,684 DZD
60.   Client Relations Manager251,649 DZD
61.   CME Specialist250,482 DZD
62.   Medical Policy Manager249,452 DZD
63.   HSE Manager248,003 DZD
64.   Interface Design Manager247,041 DZD
65.   Occupational Therapist246,027 DZD
66.   Infection Control Practitioner245,299 DZD
67.   Patient Safety Manager244,505 DZD
68.   Insurance Project Manager243,950 DZD
69.   Quantitative Researcher243,344 DZD
70.   Hotel Sales Manager241,969 DZD
71.   Assistant Quality Manager241,461 DZD

How much money does a person working in Chlef make?

208,761 DZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Chlef typically earns around 208,761 DZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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