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Best Paying Jobs in Bulgaria 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Cardiovascular Specialist17,900 BGN
2.   Physician - Internal Medicine15,300 BGN
3.   Surgeon14,900 BGN
4.   Prosthodontist14,000 BGN
5.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist13,000 BGN
6.   Psychololgist12,500 BGN
7.   Forensic Pathologist12,100 BGN
8.   Physician11,600 BGN
9.   CEO11,200 BGN
10.   Physician - Generalist10,800 BGN
11.   Ophthalmologist10,500 BGN
12.   Regional Director of Operations9,660 BGN
13.   Finance Director9,280 BGN
14.   Franchise Manager9,210 BGN
15.   Physician - Otolaryngology8,880 BGN
16.   Top Research and Development Executive8,740 BGN
17.   Chief Marketing Officer 8,610 BGN
18.   Brand Executive8,460 BGN
19.   Operations Manager8,310 BGN
20.   Physician Assistant8,180 BGN
21.   Deputy CFO8,110 BGN
22.   Marketing and Sales Head8,030 BGN
23.   Legal Services Manager7,980 BGN
24.   Financial Services Manager7,930 BGN
25.   Strategy Director7,870 BGN
26.   Head of Strategy7,830 BGN
27.   Operations Executive7,790 BGN
28.   Supply Chain Manager7,750 BGN
29.   Sales Manager7,690 BGN
30.   Online Banking Manager7,600 BGN
31.   Director of Sales7,550 BGN
32.   Director of Project Management7,510 BGN
33.   Breast Center Manager7,480 BGN
34.   Procurement Manager7,440 BGN
35.   Territory Sales Manager7,400 BGN
36.   Professor - Sociology7,360 BGN
37.   Professor - Computer Science7,310 BGN
38.   Quality Assurance Manager7,280 BGN
39.   Professor - Business Administration7,250 BGN
40.   Distribution Manager7,230 BGN
41.   Medical Affairs Director7,210 BGN
42.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences7,200 BGN
43.   Geologist7,160 BGN
44.   Tax Manager7,140 BGN
45.   Human Resources Director7,120 BGN
46.   Brand Ambassador7,090 BGN
47.   Global Technical Lead7,050 BGN
48.   Medical Insurance Manager7,030 BGN
49.   PMO Manager7,000 BGN
50.   Director of Medical Staff Services6,980 BGN
51.   Marketing Vice President6,960 BGN
52.   Biophysicist6,940 BGN
53.   Technical Manager6,930 BGN
54.   Executive Human Capital Management6,900 BGN
55.   Director of Operations6,890 BGN
56.   Human Resources Vice President6,870 BGN
57.   Director of Revenue Management6,830 BGN
58.   Online Banking Manager6,820 BGN
59.   Attorney6,780 BGN
60.   Director of Client Services6,760 BGN
61.   International Tax Director6,710 BGN
62.   Estimating Manager6,690 BGN
63.   Trade Marketing Executive6,660 BGN
64.   Microbiologist6,640 BGN
65.   Interventional Radiographer6,610 BGN
66.   Life Scientist6,590 BGN
67.   Production Director6,570 BGN
68.   Product Marketing Manager6,530 BGN
69.   Ecologist6,520 BGN
70.   Laboratory Manager6,480 BGN
71.   Government Affairs Representative6,440 BGN
72.   Media Design Manager6,400 BGN
73.   Planning and Supply Manager6,370 BGN
74.   Duty Manager6,350 BGN
75.   Credit and Collections Manager6,320 BGN
76.   Talent Acquisition Manager6,300 BGN
77.   Branch Manager6,290 BGN
78.   Government Officer6,270 BGN
79.   Geologist6,240 BGN
80.   Energy Advisor6,220 BGN
81.   Audit Supervisor6,190 BGN
82.   Policy Administration Executive6,170 BGN
83.   Retention Executive6,140 BGN
84.   Associate Product Manager6,120 BGN
85.   Six Sigma Black Belt6,100 BGN
86.   Clinical Research Manager6,080 BGN
87.   Advertising Manager6,050 BGN
88.   Business Development Executive6,030 BGN
89.   Commercial Project Manager6,010 BGN
90.   Hotel Sales Manager5,990 BGN
91.   Lead Technical Field Advisor5,980 BGN
92.   Chief People Officer5,960 BGN
93.   Contracts Manager5,940 BGN
94.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager5,920 BGN
95.   Import and Export Consultant5,910 BGN
96.   Fitness Manager5,900 BGN
97.   Retail Operations Manager5,880 BGN
98.   Low Vision Therapist5,870 BGN
99.   Product Development5,850 BGN
100.   Restaurant General Manager5,840 BGN
101.   Insurance Program Manager5,830 BGN
102.   Broadcasting Presenter5,810 BGN
103.   Supply Chain Development Manager5,790 BGN
104.   Agricultural Manager5,780 BGN
105.   Psychology Teacher5,770 BGN
106.   Localization Manager5,760 BGN
107.   Bank Auditing Manager5,750 BGN
108.   Spa Manager5,730 BGN
109.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager5,730 BGN
110.   Mining Project Manager5,710 BGN
111.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager5,700 BGN
112.   Network Administration Team Lead5,690 BGN
113.   Campaign Manager5,680 BGN
114.   Warehouse Manager5,670 BGN
115.   Fraud Detection Associate5,660 BGN
116.   Sales Analyst5,650 BGN
117.   Risk Management Specialist5,650 BGN
118.   Arbitrator5,640 BGN
119.   E-Commerce Manager5,630 BGN
120.   Export Logistics Manager5,620 BGN
121.   Web Applications Manager5,620 BGN
122.   Account Manager5,600 BGN
123.   Mortgage Servicing Manager5,600 BGN
124.   Reporter5,590 BGN
125.   Data Security Manager5,580 BGN

How much money does a person working in Bulgaria make?

Average Monthly Salary
4,810 BGN
( 57,700 BGN yearly)


A person working in Bulgaria typically earns around 4,810 BGN per month. Salaries range from 650 BGN (lowest average) to 21,300 BGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Burgas5,020 BGN
Plovdiv5,420 BGN
Rousse4,920 BGN
Sofia5,610 BGN
Stara Zagora4,720 BGN
Varna5,220 BGN

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