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Best Paying Jobs in Biskra

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Clinical Psychologist681,955 DZD
2.   Cardiology Manager620,702 DZD
3.   Physician - Sports Medicine562,375 DZD
4.   Dentist528,943 DZD
5.   Physician - Hospitalist490,534 DZD
6.   Group Financial Manager463,595 DZD
7.   Capital Risk Manager411,594 DZD
8.   Physician - Otolaryngology393,950 DZD
9.   Registered Dietitian382,286 DZD
10.   Regional Sales Director369,942 DZD
11.   Tax Director361,558 DZD
12.   Brand Marketing355,846 DZD
13.   Phlebotomist351,138 DZD
14.   Telecommunications Manager347,665 DZD
15.   Chief Investment Officer343,962 DZD
16.   Online Banking Manager337,172 DZD
17.   Deputy Manager333,446 DZD
18.   Pharmacy Manager330,646 DZD
19.   Professor - Psychology326,921 DZD
20.   Head of Information Technology323,881 DZD
21.   Psychologist321,573 DZD
22.   Emergency Services Director319,969 DZD
23.   Head of Human Resources317,687 DZD
24.   Human Resources Director316,048 DZD
25.   Media Sales Manager313,252 DZD
26.   Membership Administration Manager311,273 DZD
27.   Professor - Liberal Arts309,683 DZD
28.   Relationship Manager307,931 DZD
29.   Professor - Marketing306,183 DZD
30.   Human Resources Executive Director304,781 DZD
31.   Engineering Lecturer302,517 DZD
32.   Director of Client Services299,867 DZD
33.   Private Sector Executive296,789 DZD
34.   Foreign Exchange Manager294,705 DZD
35.   Distribution Executive292,728 DZD
36.   Location Manager291,147 DZD
37.   Exports Sales Manager288,432 DZD
38.   Geophysicist285,664 DZD
39.   R/D Director282,744 DZD
40.   Credit and Collections Manager280,457 DZD
41.   Insurance Manager279,209 DZD
42.   Property Manager277,317 DZD
43.   Geoscientist275,276 DZD
44.   Journalist272,968 DZD
45.   Technology Development Manager271,429 DZD
46.   Quality Manager269,775 DZD
47.   Medical Policy Manager267,432 DZD
48.   Hotel Sales Manager265,888 DZD
49.   Human Resources Consultant264,504 DZD
50.   Executive263,157 DZD
51.   Call Center Manager261,933 DZD
52.   Insurance Sales Director260,795 DZD
53.   Real Estate Appraiser259,486 DZD
54.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 258,396 DZD
55.   Quality Assurance Manager257,002 DZD
56.   Psychology Teacher256,112 DZD
57.   Assistant General Manager255,297 DZD
58.   Art Director254,335 DZD
59.   Engineering Production Manager253,087 DZD
60.   Behavioral Health Specialist252,200 DZD
61.   Publishing and Printing Manager251,615 DZD
62.   Biochemist250,845 DZD
63.   Art Lead250,237 DZD
64.   Export Logistics Manager249,563 DZD
65.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager248,751 DZD
66.   Energy Auditor248,025 DZD

How much money does a person working in Biskra make?

213,516 DZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Biskra typically earns around 213,516 DZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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