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Best Paying Jobs in Cameroon

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist2,159,354 XAF
2.   Naturopathic Physician1,866,981 XAF
3.   Surgeon - Burn1,750,853 XAF
4.   Physician - Endocrinology1,640,262 XAF
5.   Obstetrician1,580,457 XAF
6.   Doctor1,476,939 XAF
7.   Dietitian1,361,377 XAF
8.   Operating Room Services Director1,318,499 XAF
9.   Bank Manager1,269,324 XAF
10.   Financial Manager1,201,746 XAF
11.   Emergency Department Physician1,144,531 XAF
12.   Vice President1,076,127 XAF
13.   Podiatrist1,065,251 XAF
14.   Strategy Director1,046,157 XAF
15.   Marketing Director1,032,087 XAF
16.   Genetic Counselor1,013,185 XAF
17.   Epidemiologist1,000,605 XAF
18.   Deputy CFO990,304 XAF
19.   Operations Manager981,251 XAF
20.   Physician Assistant972,542 XAF
21.   Professor - Law964,309 XAF
22.   Quality Director957,059 XAF
23.   Town Planner950,084 XAF
24.   Sales Admin Executive946,355 XAF
25.   Professor - Dentistry935,195 XAF
26.   Skin Care Specialist929,024 XAF
27.   Professor - Education922,742 XAF
28.   Government Property Inspector918,304 XAF
29.   Chief Technologist912,051 XAF
30.   Hotel Manager909,117 XAF
31.   Relationship Manager906,253 XAF
32.   Brand Ambassador901,332 XAF
33.   Economics Lecturer896,276 XAF
34.   Pharmaceutical Researcher893,708 XAF
35.   National Human Resource Manager890,612 XAF
36.   Fundraising Director885,253 XAF
37.   Exploration Manager880,867 XAF
38.   Information Technology Manager876,587 XAF
39.   Client Services Manager873,045 XAF
40.   Geologist868,883 XAF
41.   Psychologist863,814 XAF
42.   Business Development Manager860,240 XAF
43.   Natural Sciences Manager855,417 XAF
44.   Information Technology Manager852,618 XAF
45.   Human Resources Manager849,180 XAF
46.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager842,880 XAF
47.   Geothermal Production Manager838,921 XAF
48.   Trade Marketing Manager833,986 XAF
49.   Relationship Manager830,806 XAF
50.   Day Spa Manager824,613 XAF
51.   Sales Account Manager818,852 XAF
52.   Sales Executive815,083 XAF
53.   Chief Information Security Officer812,189 XAF
54.   Financial Systems Manager806,598 XAF
55.   Risk Manager803,159 XAF
56.   Aviation Manager800,047 XAF
57.   ATM Manager796,727 XAF
58.   Policy Administration Executive793,467 XAF
59.   Lab Manager789,447 XAF
60.   Commercial Manager784,981 XAF
61.   Policy Change Director781,959 XAF
62.   Professor - Social Work777,432 XAF
63.   Advertising Sales Director774,441 XAF
64.   Regional Manager771,469 XAF
65.   Private Sector Executive766,952 XAF
66.   Director of Facilities Management760,193 XAF
67.   HSE Manager757,601 XAF
68.   Investment Analyst753,983 XAF
69.   Chief People Officer751,824 XAF
70.   Web Security Manager748,042 XAF
71.   Service Manager744,648 XAF
72.   Lab Manager740,361 XAF
73.   Sports Manager738,337 XAF
74.   Loan Collection Manager734,659 XAF
75.   Gas Supply Manager731,740 XAF
76.   Assistant Finance Manager730,281 XAF
77.   Real Estate Appraiser728,822 XAF
78.   Training Manager727,022 XAF
79.   Recreation Manager725,026 XAF
80.   Fashion Design Manager723,485 XAF
81.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist722,070 XAF
82.   Customer Service Manager719,636 XAF
83.   Social Media Marketing Manager717,120 XAF
84.   Change Management715,110 XAF
85.   Media Design Manager713,383 XAF
86.   Electoral Project Coordinator711,463 XAF
87.   International Cooperation Specialist709,631 XAF
88.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 708,634 XAF
89.   Operations Manager 707,413 XAF
90.   Chemical Plant Operator706,058 XAF
91.   Research Scientist705,098 XAF
92.   Restaurant Manager702,976 XAF
93.   Private Banker700,415 XAF
94.   Food Services Director699,448 XAF
95.   Telecommunications Assistant Manager697,617 XAF
96.   Telecommunication Solution Architect695,904 XAF
97.   Development Manager694,758 XAF
98.   Information Security Director693,074 XAF
99.   Architectural Manager691,045 XAF
100.   Data Security Manager689,539 XAF

How much money does a person working in Cameroon make?

597,324 XAF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Cameroon typically earns around 597,324 XAF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Douala657,056 XAF
Yaounde615,867 XAF
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