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Best Paying Jobs in Canada

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology20,840 CAD
2.   Physician - Neurology18,533 CAD
3.   Endodontist17,607 CAD
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology16,426 CAD
5.   Psychiatrist15,439 CAD
6.   Radiology Manager14,113 CAD
7.   Physician - Nephrology13,461 CAD
8.   Physician - Pathology13,005 CAD
9.   Chief Financial Officer12,231 CAD
10.   Physical Therapy Director11,528 CAD
11.   Correctional Treatment Specialist11,187 CAD
12.   Director of Business Development10,887 CAD
13.   Regional Sales Director10,654 CAD
14.   Area Sales Director10,396 CAD
15.   Director of Sales10,247 CAD
16.   Investment Advisor10,171 CAD
17.   Chief Investment Officer10,060 CAD
18.   Head of Public Relations9,905 CAD
19.   Sales Executive9,799 CAD
20.   Operations Manager9,715 CAD
21.   Regional Sales Manager9,636 CAD
22.   Litigation Attorney9,528 CAD
23.   Membership Administration Manager9,417 CAD
24.   Certified Respiratory Therapist9,361 CAD
25.   Production Manager9,318 CAD
26.   Director of Project Management9,266 CAD
27.   National Account Manager9,204 CAD
28.   Production Executive9,171 CAD
29.   Sales Manager9,115 CAD
30.   Internal Bank Audit Manager9,091 CAD
31.   Biomedical Scientist9,059 CAD
32.   Professor - Communication9,021 CAD
33.   Head of Information Technology8,968 CAD
34.   Market Development Executive8,934 CAD
35.   Economic Development Specialist8,898 CAD
36.   Director of Accreditation8,857 CAD
37.   Paralegal8,813 CAD
38.   General Manager8,750 CAD
39.   Location Manager8,726 CAD
40.   Professor - History8,677 CAD
41.   Bioinformatics Scientist8,608 CAD
42.   Marketing Distribution Executive8,565 CAD
43.   Product Manager8,520 CAD
44.   Vice President of Finance8,468 CAD
45.   Commercial Sales Manager8,404 CAD
46.   Economist8,364 CAD
47.   Life Scientist8,337 CAD
48.   Assistant Managing Director8,288 CAD
49.   Planning and Supply Manager8,261 CAD
50.   Cards Marketing Manager8,224 CAD
51.   Project Manager8,181 CAD
52.   Marketing Segment Manager8,103 CAD
53.   Airport Services Manager8,041 CAD
54.   Supervisor8,013 CAD
55.   Investment Analyst7,978 CAD
56.   Psychometrist7,928 CAD
57.   Regional Manager7,899 CAD
58.   Accounting Manager7,863 CAD
59.   Assistant Operations Manager7,783 CAD
60.   Revenue Recognition Analyst7,762 CAD
61.   Policy Change Director7,732 CAD
62.   Government Affairs Advisor7,688 CAD
63.   District Sales Manager7,624 CAD
64.   Print Production Manager7,602 CAD
65.   Clinical Research Manager7,547 CAD
66.   International Cooperation Specialist7,509 CAD
67.   Paralegal7,489 CAD
68.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager7,469 CAD
69.   Web Security Manager7,455 CAD
70.   Information Technology Project Director7,422 CAD
71.   Business Analyst7,402 CAD
72.   Labor Relations Director7,388 CAD
73.   Operational Excellence General Manager7,369 CAD
74.   Infection Control Practitioner7,352 CAD
75.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist7,320 CAD
76.   Government Officer7,291 CAD
77.   Planning and Reporting Manager7,276 CAD
78.   Bank Accounts Manager7,258 CAD
79.   Mental Health Counselor7,238 CAD
80.   Import and Export Consultant7,219 CAD
81.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager7,200 CAD
82.   Recruitment Consultant7,181 CAD
83.   Internal Sales Manager7,158 CAD
84.   Information Technology Executive7,143 CAD
85.   Change Control Analyst7,119 CAD
86.   Airlines Sales Director7,104 CAD
87.   Section Head7,085 CAD
88.   Aircraft Captain7,067 CAD
89.   Art Director7,053 CAD
90.   Approval Team Manager7,039 CAD

How much money does a person working in Canada make?

6,088 CAD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Canada typically earns around 6,088 CAD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By State

StateAverage Salary
Alberta6,548 CAD
British Columbia6,663 CAD
Manitoba6,293 CAD
New Brunswick5,607 CAD
Newfoundland-Labrador5,493 CAD
Northwest Territories6,097 CAD
Nova Scotia5,744 CAD
Nunavut6,349 CAD
Ontario6,835 CAD
Prince Edward Island5,282 CAD
Quebec6,729 CAD
Saskatchewan5,894 CAD
Yukon5,418 CAD
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