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Best Paying Jobs in Other

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Radiology6,581 PAB
2.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy5,944 PAB
3.   Doctor5,343 PAB
4.   Chief Executive Officer4,897 PAB
5.   Chairman of The Board4,543 PAB
6.   Rehabilitation Director4,038 PAB
7.   Podiatrist3,843 PAB
8.   Chief Marketing Officer 3,717 PAB
9.   Business Development Director3,564 PAB
10.   Optician3,478 PAB
11.   Planning Director3,439 PAB
12.   Administrative Director3,395 PAB
13.   Brand Manager3,348 PAB
14.   Internal Bank Audit Manager3,291 PAB
15.   Deputy Manager3,243 PAB
16.   Procurement Manager3,212 PAB
17.   Public Relations Manager3,171 PAB
18.   Quality Manager3,140 PAB
19.   Director of Training and Development3,120 PAB
20.   Respiratory Therapist3,100 PAB
21.   Check Processing Manager3,080 PAB
22.   Geothermal Production Manager3,048 PAB
23.   Head of Middle Office3,025 PAB
24.   Marketing Vice President3,007 PAB
25.   Information Technology Project Manager2,991 PAB
26.   National Customer Solution Specialist2,973 PAB
27.   Assistant Bank Manager2,947 PAB
28.   Media Product Development Manager2,923 PAB
29.   Training Executive2,889 PAB
30.   Foreign Exchange Manager2,866 PAB
31.   Staff Attorney2,846 PAB
32.   Distribution Manager2,821 PAB
33.   Department Head2,796 PAB
34.   Bank Project Manager2,762 PAB
35.   Water Ecologist2,736 PAB
36.   Community Development Manager2,717 PAB
37.   Lab Manager2,701 PAB
38.   Project Sales Executive2,677 PAB
39.   District Sales Manager2,652 PAB
40.   Six Sigma Black Belt2,635 PAB
41.   Sociologist2,610 PAB
42.   Contracts Executive2,592 PAB
43.   Information Technology Asset Manager2,575 PAB
44.   Laboratory Supervisor 2,562 PAB
45.   Call Center Manager2,548 PAB
46.   Business Consultant2,536 PAB
47.   Project Engineering Manager2,523 PAB
48.   Broadcasting Presenter2,509 PAB
49.   Ward Manager2,494 PAB
50.   Energy Analyst2,486 PAB
51.   Assistant Service Delivery Manager2,475 PAB
52.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist2,462 PAB
53.   Loan Collection Manager2,453 PAB
54.   Engineering Manager2,445 PAB
55.   Credit Risk Associate2,438 PAB
56.   E-Commerce Manager2,430 PAB
57.   Bankruptcy Coordinator2,426 PAB
58.   Credit and Collection Manager2,415 PAB

How much money does a person working in Other make?

2,077 PAB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Other typically earns around 2,077 PAB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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