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Best Paying Jobs in Central African Republic

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology1,499,194 XAF
2.   Physician - Internal Medicine1,303,374 XAF
3.   Neurologist1,179,124 XAF
4.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine1,087,131 XAF
5.   Physician - Hospitalist1,013,481 XAF
6.   Physician - Pathology937,633 XAF
7.   Regional Director of Operations893,053 XAF
8.   Podiatrist829,950 XAF
9.   Executive781,464 XAF
10.   General Manager766,304 XAF
11.   Chief Investment Officer745,947 XAF
12.   Sales and Marketing Director732,639 XAF
13.   Lecturer719,170 XAF
14.   Professor - Electrical Engineering707,481 XAF
15.   Marketing Manager703,102 XAF
16.   Operational Manager688,972 XAF
17.   Head of Projects679,552 XAF
18.   Media Program Director673,911 XAF
19.   Professor - Chemistry671,972 XAF
20.   Professor - Philosophy666,558 XAF
21.   Real Estate General Manager661,869 XAF
22.   Professor - Special Education658,113 XAF
23.   Property Operations Manager653,510 XAF
24.   Geothermal Production Manager647,479 XAF
25.   Bank Operational Risk Manager643,597 XAF
26.   Hardware Engineering Manager639,934 XAF
27.   Head of Executive Search634,725 XAF
28.   Import and Export Manager631,292 XAF
29.   Marketing Distribution Executive627,086 XAF
30.   Physicist621,953 XAF
31.   Product Manager618,418 XAF
32.   Project Manager615,798 XAF
33.   Market Development Manager611,348 XAF
34.   Information Technology Project Manager608,257 XAF
35.   Economics Lecturer604,521 XAF
36.   Pharmaceutical Manager600,163 XAF
37.   Digital Marketing Manager595,550 XAF
38.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager590,683 XAF
39.   Production Director586,021 XAF
40.   Recruiting Manager582,313 XAF
41.   Production Supervisor575,962 XAF
42.   Post Doctoral Researcher573,006 XAF
43.   Water Ecologist570,083 XAF
44.   Client Account Manager564,821 XAF
45.   Educational Psychologist560,814 XAF
46.   Interventional Radiographer557,783 XAF
47.   R/D Director552,081 XAF
48.   Actor548,405 XAF
49.   Branch Manager545,342 XAF
50.   Analytical Chemist543,641 XAF
51.   Key Affiliate Manager539,766 XAF
52.   Environmental Scientist537,487 XAF
53.   Product Quality Leader535,103 XAF
54.   Real Estate Project Manager533,442 XAF
55.   Energy Advisor530,967 XAF
56.   Medical Policy Manager528,916 XAF
57.   Metallurgist526,695 XAF
58.   Finance Specialist524,931 XAF
59.   Service Manager522,852 XAF
60.   Training and Development Manager520,502 XAF
61.   Corporate Recruiter518,456 XAF
62.   Expatriate Administration Manager516,031 XAF
63.   Quality Assurance Supervisor514,319 XAF
64.   Legal Executive512,051 XAF
65.   Information Technology Project Manager510,227 XAF
66.   Department Supervisor508,169 XAF
67.   Clinical Operations Manager505,646 XAF
68.   Assistant Brand Manager504,466 XAF
69.   Legal Counsel502,778 XAF
70.   Residential Property Manager501,023 XAF
71.   Production Director499,395 XAF

How much money does a person working in Central African Republic make?

436,178 XAF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Central African Republic typically earns around 436,178 XAF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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