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Best Paying Jobs in Chile

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Internal Medicine5,324,139 CLP
2.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy4,692,220 CLP
3.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation4,194,497 CLP
4.   Preventive Medicine Physician3,942,178 CLP
5.   Executive Director3,629,406 CLP
6.   Regional Director of Operations3,290,481 CLP
7.   Franchise Manager3,076,742 CLP
8.   Country Manager2,924,803 CLP
9.   Corporate Treasurer2,833,847 CLP
10.   Marketing and Sales Head2,760,594 CLP
11.   General Manager2,708,783 CLP
12.   Deputy Manager2,663,718 CLP
13.   Finance Executive2,625,995 CLP
14.   Engagement Manager2,591,319 CLP
15.   Deputy Managing Director2,554,737 CLP
16.   Engineering Geologist2,528,829 CLP
17.   Sales Director2,504,851 CLP
18.   Information Technology Director2,484,548 CLP
19.   Manufacturing Manager2,455,741 CLP
20.   Director of Project Management2,431,254 CLP
21.   Chief Product Officer2,417,490 CLP
22.   Breast Center Manager2,399,708 CLP
23.   Executive Human Capital Management2,374,614 CLP
24.   Corporate Sales Manager2,360,341 CLP
25.   Natural Sciences Manager2,342,212 CLP
26.   Business Development Manager2,331,493 CLP
27.   Investment Banking Analyst2,315,944 CLP
28.   Shopping Center Manager2,301,709 CLP
29.   Mortgage Operations Manager2,285,082 CLP
30.   Tax Manager2,269,289 CLP
31.   Market Development Executive2,254,263 CLP
32.   Marketing Distribution Executive2,236,863 CLP
33.   Communications Manager2,216,989 CLP
34.   Conservation Scientist2,198,474 CLP
35.   Head of Communications2,175,982 CLP
36.   Professor - Music2,164,079 CLP
37.   Assistant Operations Manager2,148,774 CLP
38.   Clinician2,126,113 CLP
39.   Head of Sustainability2,112,111 CLP
40.   Digital Marketing Strategist 2,100,716 CLP
41.   Branch Manager2,078,488 CLP
42.   Depot Manager2,061,373 CLP
43.   Market Research Manager2,044,441 CLP
44.   Assistant Marketing Manager2,031,470 CLP
45.   Insurance Sales Director2,021,522 CLP
46.   Spa Manager2,011,369 CLP
47.   Risk Management Supervisor2,005,522 CLP
48.   Environmental Scientist1,996,288 CLP
49.   Neurophysiology Technologist1,986,557 CLP
50.   Insurance Sales Manager1,976,835 CLP
51.   Retail Operations Manager1,963,314 CLP
52.   Lab Manager1,956,797 CLP
53.   Mortgage Servicing Manager1,944,574 CLP
54.   Plant Manager1,935,745 CLP
55.   Mining Project Manager1,927,399 CLP
56.   Associate Producer1,918,058 CLP
57.   Data Scientist1,913,916 CLP
58.   Education Researcher1,908,072 CLP
59.   Internal Sales Manager1,897,920 CLP
60.   Project Portfolio Manager1,888,582 CLP
61.   Internal Private Banker1,881,053 CLP
62.   Operations Manager1,872,990 CLP

How much money does a person working in Chile make?

1,638,968 CLP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Chile typically earns around 1,638,968 CLP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Antofagasta1,747,506 CLP
Concepcion1,538,946 CLP
La Florida1,796,790 CLP
Las Condes1,662,801 CLP
Maipu1,828,910 CLP
Penalolen1,564,034 CLP
Puente Alto1,860,963 CLP
Rancagua1,510,557 CLP
San Bernardo1,630,451 CLP
Santiago1,905,890 CLP
Temuco1,611,998 CLP
Valparaiso1,708,289 CLP
Vina del Mar1,774,905 CLP
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