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Best Paying Jobs in Comoros

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology2,711,130 KMF
2.   Oral Surgeon2,335,172 KMF
3.   Radiation Therapist2,146,840 KMF
4.   Obstetrician1,977,668 KMF
5.   Physician - Pediatrics1,868,484 KMF
6.   Pediatrician1,738,878 KMF
7.   Ophthalmologist1,671,876 KMF
8.   Regional Director1,553,882 KMF
9.   Finance Manager1,442,122 KMF
10.   Physician - Pain Medicine1,387,458 KMF
11.   Chief Corporate Officer1,338,020 KMF
12.   Operations Director1,312,762 KMF
13.   Manager1,288,127 KMF
14.   Legal Services Director1,268,231 KMF
15.   Head of Public Relations1,250,893 KMF
16.   Quality Director1,239,012 KMF
17.   Sales and Marketing Director1,229,159 KMF
18.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer1,219,306 KMF
19.   Inventory Accountant1,200,907 KMF
20.   Deputy General Manager1,190,920 KMF
21.   Area Sales Manager1,181,958 KMF
22.   Sales Manager1,176,729 KMF
23.   Media Program Director1,170,325 KMF
24.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences1,161,305 KMF
25.   National Sales Manager1,152,834 KMF
26.   Head of Information Technology1,145,218 KMF
27.   Ocean Services Manager1,139,322 KMF
28.   Economics Lecturer1,130,909 KMF
29.   Rehabilitation Services Manager1,124,013 KMF
30.   Pharmaceutical Researcher1,117,835 KMF
31.   Hardware Engineering Manager1,111,319 KMF
32.   Product Development Manager1,102,810 KMF
33.   Chief Information Officer1,098,262 KMF
34.   Math Lecturer1,093,714 KMF
35.   Mortgage Operations Manager1,088,541 KMF
36.   Fundraising Development Director1,084,108 KMF
37.   Mathematician1,077,647 KMF
38.   Professor - Business Administration1,069,897 KMF
39.   Marketing Vice President1,064,211 KMF
40.   Natural Sciences Manager1,060,630 KMF
41.   Distribution Manager1,053,922 KMF
42.   Media Relation Executive1,048,501 KMF
43.   Government Relations Associate1,042,989 KMF
44.   Director of Research1,036,584 KMF
45.   Talent Acquisition Manager1,032,037 KMF
46.   Investment Banking Analyst1,023,452 KMF
47.   Trade Marketing Executive1,017,086 KMF
48.   Professor - Rehabilitation1,010,946 KMF
49.   Information Technology Product Manager1,004,751 KMF
50.   Capacity Planning Manager996,792 KMF
51.   Aircraft Pilot991,506 KMF
52.   Service Delivery Manager987,184 KMF
53.   Credit Analyst983,394 KMF
54.   Retention Executive976,896 KMF
55.   Real Estate Appraiser971,232 KMF
56.   Credit Risk Analyst967,155 KMF
57.   Actor960,657 KMF
58.   Clinical Neuropsychologist956,376 KMF
59.   Insurance Sales Director952,662 KMF
60.   Residential Property Manager947,734 KMF
61.   Biologist941,502 KMF
62.   Legal Consultant937,806 KMF
63.   Loan Audit Team Leader934,130 KMF
64.   Geologist930,377 KMF
65.   Service Manager925,905 KMF
66.   Lead Technical Field Advisor923,500 KMF
67.   Fleet Controller918,629 KMF
68.   Psychometrist915,182 KMF
69.   Financial Reporting Manager911,353 KMF
70.   Human Resources Services Manager908,093 KMF
71.   Social Media Marketing Manager905,498 KMF
72.   Legal Counsel903,015 KMF
73.   Mining Project Manager899,453 KMF
74.   Warehouse Manager896,951 KMF
75.   Climate Change Analyst892,328 KMF
76.   Military Personnel889,922 KMF
77.   Electrical Engineering Manager887,988 KMF
78.   Industrial Hygienist885,808 KMF
79.   Lecturer883,896 KMF
80.   Sociologist882,094 KMF
81.   Assistant Service Delivery Manager880,391 KMF
82.   Xray Tech878,269 KMF
83.   Market Research Analyst875,824 KMF

How much money does a person working in Comoros make?

768,703 KMF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Comoros typically earns around 768,703 KMF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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