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Best Paying Jobs in San Jose

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon5,811,889 CRC
2.   Interventionist5,306,156 CRC
3.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology4,746,061 CRC
4.   Nuclear Medicine Physician4,404,019 CRC
5.   Operating Room Services Director4,051,973 CRC
6.   Physician - CCU3,754,819 CRC
7.   Financial Manager3,436,942 CRC
8.   Podiatrist3,343,146 CRC
9.   Top Research and Development Executive3,192,762 CRC
10.   Deputy Head of Finance3,100,349 CRC
11.   Quality Director3,027,944 CRC
12.   Area Sales Director2,963,608 CRC
13.   Group Branch Manager2,933,460 CRC
14.   Engagement Manager2,895,473 CRC
15.   Operations Executive2,859,564 CRC
16.   Human Resources Director2,830,037 CRC
17.   Credit Portfolio Manager2,804,405 CRC
18.   Quality Control Manager2,779,032 CRC
19.   Chief Technologist2,752,233 CRC
20.   Emergency Management Director2,727,352 CRC
21.   Inventory Accountant2,699,504 CRC
22.   Professor - Physical Therapy2,681,618 CRC
23.   Sales Manager2,668,796 CRC
24.   Pharmaceutical Researcher2,640,033 CRC
25.   Cash Management Manager2,625,742 CRC
26.   Group Head of Human Resources2,602,428 CRC
27.   General Manager2,590,436 CRC
28.   Distribution Director2,568,796 CRC
29.   Shopping Center Manager2,552,783 CRC
30.   Head of Information Technology2,528,461 CRC
31.   Pharmaceutical Manager2,506,491 CRC
32.   Head of Retail2,488,623 CRC
33.   Head of School2,473,839 CRC
34.   Geoscientist2,464,950 CRC
35.   Planning and Supply Manager2,448,067 CRC
36.   Finance Relationship Manager2,429,620 CRC
37.   Recruiting Manager2,406,998 CRC
38.   Loans Manager2,390,318 CRC
39.   Duty Manager2,373,742 CRC
40.   Head of Retail Design Management2,353,066 CRC
41.   Psychometrist2,340,332 CRC
42.   Medical Policy Manager2,329,166 CRC
43.   Loan Audit Team Leader2,306,835 CRC
44.   ERP Project Manager2,288,615 CRC
45.   Lab Manager2,274,545 CRC
46.   Market Research Manager2,257,908 CRC
47.   Validation Manager2,241,449 CRC
48.   Quality Assurance Executive2,232,337 CRC
49.   Information Technology Project Director2,218,938 CRC
50.   Account Manager2,206,525 CRC
51.   Training Manager2,198,038 CRC
52.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager2,184,012 CRC
53.   Laboratory Manager2,171,772 CRC
54.   Computer Scientist2,164,221 CRC
55.   Journalist2,157,837 CRC
56.   Airline Pilot2,144,882 CRC
57.   Finance Analyst2,133,652 CRC
58.   Nursery Manager2,126,884 CRC
59.   Energy Analyst2,118,618 CRC
60.   Quality Assurance Executive2,108,058 CRC
61.   Account Executive2,101,919 CRC
62.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist2,096,735 CRC
63.   Public Relations Executive2,091,955 CRC
64.   Legal Executive2,083,135 CRC
65.   Paraprofessional2,076,234 CRC
66.   Casino Shift Manager2,069,159 CRC

How much money does a person working in San Jose make?

1,759,291 CRC per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in San Jose typically earns around 1,759,291 CRC per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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