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Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Radiology5,187,102 CRC
2.   Interventionist4,726,328 CRC
3.   Physician - Rheumatology4,290,931 CRC
4.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation3,906,201 CRC
5.   Bank Manager3,582,592 CRC
6.   Group Financial Manager3,275,253 CRC
7.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine3,100,130 CRC
8.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor2,950,385 CRC
9.   COO2,855,896 CRC
10.   Area Sales Director2,779,154 CRC
11.   Director of Business Development2,711,625 CRC
12.   Brand Manager2,663,797 CRC
13.   Quality Director2,623,356 CRC
14.   Sales Director2,583,524 CRC
15.   Information Technology Director2,553,070 CRC
16.   Math Lecturer2,528,829 CRC
17.   Inventory Accountant2,502,313 CRC
18.   Territory Sales Manager2,481,891 CRC
19.   Deputy Manager2,468,812 CRC
20.   Director of Technology2,432,715 CRC
21.   Corporate Director of Human Resources2,421,634 CRC
22.   International Tax Director2,404,700 CRC
23.   Technical Director2,376,684 CRC
24.   University Teacher2,358,006 CRC
25.   Emergency Services Director2,343,674 CRC
26.   Director of Production Planning2,324,184 CRC
27.   Operations Supervisor2,312,124 CRC
28.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager2,300,311 CRC
29.   Physicist2,283,297 CRC
30.   Bank Programme Manager2,272,336 CRC
31.   Market Segmentation Director2,249,635 CRC
32.   Import and Export Manager2,236,604 CRC
33.   Geophysicist2,214,553 CRC
34.   Client Account Manager2,197,012 CRC
35.   Cards Marketing Manager2,185,440 CRC
36.   Global Product Manager2,170,700 CRC
37.   Communications Manager2,153,037 CRC
38.   Equity Analyst2,133,302 CRC
39.   Bank Operations Specialist2,110,403 CRC
40.   Marine Biologist2,091,032 CRC
41.   Commercial Project Manager2,073,253 CRC
42.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager2,057,336 CRC
43.   Energy Dispatch Director2,033,539 CRC
44.   Director of Application Development2,021,967 CRC
45.   Executive2,009,827 CRC
46.   Branch Manager2,001,707 CRC
47.   Online Banking Specialist1,988,465 CRC
48.   Corporate Recruiter1,978,929 CRC
49.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist1,971,213 CRC
50.   Information Technology Executive1,963,498 CRC
51.   Energy Auditor1,953,796 CRC
52.   Social Scientist1,945,103 CRC
53.   Business Intelligence Team Leader1,935,032 CRC
54.   Trade Product Manager1,929,633 CRC
55.   Sales Analyst1,919,766 CRC
56.   Service Manager1,913,919 CRC
57.   International Cooperation Specialist1,906,123 CRC
58.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist1,898,327 CRC
59.   Pharmaceutical Research Associate1,894,024 CRC
60.   Localization Manager1,886,553 CRC
61.   Legal Counsel1,881,599 CRC
62.   Quality Assurance Engineering Manager1,874,939 CRC

How much money does a person working in Costa Rica make?

1,653,822 CRC per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Costa Rica typically earns around 1,653,822 CRC per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
San Jose1,759,291 CRC
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