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Best Paying Jobs in Abidjan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric1,873,613 XOF
2.   Physician - Internal Medicine1,594,907 XOF
3.   Physician - Neurology1,518,492 XOF
4.   Obstetrician1,394,315 XOF
5.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine1,321,553 XOF
6.   Physician - Nephrology1,237,967 XOF
7.   Physician - Pathology1,181,822 XOF
8.   Bank Manager1,111,087 XOF
9.   Chief Financial Officer1,065,519 XOF
10.   General Medical Practitioner980,348 XOF
11.   Executive Manager946,643 XOF
12.   Optician925,932 XOF
13.   Operations Director907,144 XOF
14.   Financial Services Manager880,012 XOF
15.   Director of Marketing868,280 XOF
16.   Commercial Real Estate Manager856,548 XOF
17.   Planning Director846,502 XOF
18.   Group Branch Manager840,214 XOF
19.   Sales Manager833,225 XOF
20.   Operations Manager825,961 XOF
21.   Government Affairs Director819,205 XOF
22.   Marketing Manager812,449 XOF
23.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead809,070 XOF
24.   Real Estate Project Director806,107 XOF
25.   Recreation Director800,740 XOF
26.   Supply Chain Director794,023 XOF
27.   Professor - Liberal Arts790,139 XOF
28.   Sales Director784,498 XOF
29.   Chairman Office Manager781,457 XOF
30.   Sales Administration Manager778,041 XOF
31.   Emergency Management Director774,247 XOF
32.   Fundraising Development Director770,752 XOF
33.   National Sales Manager765,568 XOF
34.   Director of Operations762,306 XOF
35.   Media Relation Executive755,147 XOF
36.   Check Processing Manager750,301 XOF
37.   Vice President Sales746,857 XOF
38.   Audiologist743,739 XOF
39.   Neonatologist741,817 XOF
40.   Chief Human Resources Officer738,958 XOF
41.   Professor - Sociology734,385 XOF
42.   Mining Project Manager732,681 XOF
43.   Supply Chain Manager728,186 XOF
44.   Day Spa Manager724,665 XOF
45.   Human Resources Executive Director722,105 XOF
46.   Information Technology Operations Manager718,702 XOF
47.   Director of Research713,529 XOF
48.   Cards Marketing Manager710,463 XOF
49.   Operations Analyst708,072 XOF
50.   Medical Scientist702,863 XOF
51.   Sales Account Manager699,341 XOF
52.   Credit Risk Analyst696,560 XOF
53.   Business Development Executive693,143 XOF
54.   Technology Development Manager687,841 XOF
55.   Exports Sales Manager685,139 XOF
56.   Bank Propositions Manager681,203 XOF
57.   Event Marketing677,095 XOF
58.   Key Acoount Manager674,327 XOF
59.   Community Development Manager669,365 XOF
60.   Planning and Supply Manager664,414 XOF
61.   Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager660,894 XOF
62.   Director of Application Development657,320 XOF
63.   Due Diligence Analyst653,500 XOF
64.   Product Marketing Executive650,771 XOF
65.   Clinical Research Manager648,160 XOF
66.   Service Manager644,885 XOF
67.   Sport and Recreation Manager641,884 XOF
68.   Gas Supply Manager640,520 XOF
69.   Project Manager638,351 XOF
70.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor637,401 XOF
71.   Enterprise Architecture Manager635,426 XOF
72.   KYC Team Leader633,257 XOF
73.   Call Center Manager631,424 XOF
74.   Marketing Communications Manager628,319 XOF
75.   Freelance Fashion Stylist625,851 XOF
76.   Laboratory Manager622,433 XOF
77.   Mental Health Counselor621,653 XOF
78.   Export Logistics Manager619,938 XOF
79.   Operations Support Manager618,365 XOF
80.   E-Commerce Manager616,768 XOF
81.   Technical Service Director615,975 XOF
82.   Business Analyst613,506 XOF
83.   Operations Training Specialist Head611,247 XOF
84.   Accounting Head609,958 XOF
85.   Telecommunications Assistant Manager606,997 XOF
86.   Sociologist604,865 XOF
87.   Quality Control Supervisor604,177 XOF
88.   Construction Project Manager602,112 XOF
89.   Safety Manager599,903 XOF
90.   Technology Director598,643 XOF

How much money does a person working in Abidjan make?

514,434 XOF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Abidjan typically earns around 514,434 XOF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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