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Best Paying Jobs in Czech Republic

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist199,246 CZK
2.   Physician - Dermatology176,294 CZK
3.   Prosthodontist163,341 CZK
4.   Forensic Pathologist154,257 CZK
5.   Pediatrician138,881 CZK
6.   Operating Room Services Director132,220 CZK
7.   Executive Director125,700 CZK
8.   Ophthalmologist117,926 CZK
9.   Healthcare Practitioner110,410 CZK
10.   Vice President105,780 CZK
11.   Allergist102,651 CZK
12.   Immunologist99,851 CZK
13.   College Dean97,616 CZK
14.   Operations Director96,703 CZK
15.   Brand Manager95,068 CZK
16.   Pharmacy Manager93,997 CZK
17.   Commercial Real Estate Manager93,200 CZK
18.   Speech and Language Pathologist92,193 CZK
19.   Production Manager91,048 CZK
20.   Territory Sales Manager90,319 CZK
21.   Director of Medical Staff Services89,782 CZK
22.   Professor - Liberal Arts89,293 CZK
23.   Quality Assurance Manager88,835 CZK
24.   Vice President Sales87,716 CZK
25.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering87,455 CZK
26.   Commercial Director86,906 CZK
27.   Program Manager86,353 CZK
28.   Associate Medical Affairs Director85,956 CZK
29.   Relationship Manager85,623 CZK
30.   Risk Management Director85,295 CZK
31.   Chairman Office Manager84,801 CZK
32.   Mining Project Manager84,224 CZK
33.   Human Resources Director83,671 CZK
34.   Marketing Distribution Executive83,089 CZK
35.   Clinician82,698 CZK
36.   Product Development Manager82,207 CZK
37.   Supply Chain Manager81,831 CZK
38.   Corporate Sales Manager81,584 CZK
39.   Pharmaceutical Researcher81,171 CZK
40.   Import and Export Manager80,677 CZK
41.   Cards Marketing Manager80,289 CZK
42.   Economics Lecturer79,769 CZK
43.   Event Marketing79,215 CZK
44.   Capacity Planning Manager78,560 CZK
45.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager78,009 CZK
46.   Mathematician77,411 CZK
47.   Estimating Manager76,912 CZK
48.   Post Doctoral Researcher76,526 CZK
49.   Client Account Manager76,078 CZK
50.   Health Compliance Manager75,691 CZK
51.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager75,359 CZK
52.   E-Commerce Sales Manager75,071 CZK
53.   Financial Banking Systems Manager74,643 CZK
54.   Associate Product Manager74,120 CZK
55.   Human Resources Executive73,715 CZK
56.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager72,989 CZK
57.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist72,667 CZK
58.   Loan Collection Manager72,200 CZK
59.   Practice Manager71,803 CZK
60.   Director of Rehabilitation Services71,559 CZK
61.   Scientist71,229 CZK
62.   Aviation Analyst70,876 CZK
63.   Key Acoount Manager70,584 CZK
64.   Head of Sustainability70,281 CZK
65.   Veterinary Office Manager70,195 CZK
66.   Geologist69,810 CZK
67.   Biomedical Engineering Director69,667 CZK
68.   Production Manager69,484 CZK
69.   Executive69,221 CZK
70.   Lecturer69,036 CZK
71.   Restaurant General Manager68,764 CZK
72.   Assistant General Manager68,545 CZK
73.   Geologist68,360 CZK
74.   Airfield Management Specialist68,123 CZK
75.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager67,914 CZK
76.   Advertising Manager67,701 CZK
77.   Quality Control Chemist67,466 CZK
78.   Online Banking Specialist67,225 CZK
79.   Information Technology Project Leader67,038 CZK
80.   Human Resources Services Manager66,928 CZK
81.   Mining Project Manager66,753 CZK
82.   Security Management Specialist66,464 CZK
83.   Clinical Policy Developer66,272 CZK

How much money does a person working in Czech Republic make?

58,727 CZK per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Czech Republic typically earns around 58,727 CZK per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Prague61,328 CZK
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