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Best Paying Jobs in Djibouti

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist901,942 DJF
2.   Orthodontist810,260 DJF
3.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology733,312 DJF
4.   Physician678,780 DJF
5.   Dentist621,028 DJF
6.   Physician - CCU591,922 DJF
7.   Healthcare Practitioner538,127 DJF
8.   Top Research and Development Executive513,189 DJF
9.   Managing Director490,661 DJF
10.   Director of Marketing473,242 DJF
11.   Director of Real Estate462,833 DJF
12.   Physician Assistant455,260 DJF
13.   Brand Marketing449,773 DJF
14.   Ocean Services Manager442,431 DJF
15.   Pharmacy Manager438,106 DJF
16.   Legal Services Manager434,871 DJF
17.   Global Technical Lead425,532 DJF
18.   Operational Manager422,081 DJF
19.   Sales Manager418,542 DJF
20.   Corporate Director of Human Resources415,381 DJF
21.   Emergency Management Director413,235 DJF
22.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences408,712 DJF
23.   Head of Information Technology406,259 DJF
24.   Government Property Inspector404,418 DJF
25.   Professor - Legal Support402,327 DJF
26.   Paralegal399,241 DJF
27.   Power Plant Operations Manager395,891 DJF
28.   Treatment Services Director393,049 DJF
29.   Technical Director391,445 DJF
30.   Property Operations Manager390,078 DJF
31.   Emergency Services Director387,364 DJF
32.   Media Program Director384,149 DJF
33.   Professor - Business Administration381,717 DJF
34.   Head of Middle Office378,546 DJF
35.   Global Product Manager376,401 DJF
36.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager373,112 DJF
37.   Professor - Music371,102 DJF
38.   Audit Supervisor369,498 DJF
39.   Media Production Manager366,964 DJF
40.   Sales Manager364,382 DJF
41.   Financial Banking Systems Manager361,327 DJF
42.   Microbiologist359,225 DJF
43.   Fundraising Manager356,585 DJF
44.   Supervisor354,056 DJF
45.   Portfolio Analyst 352,654 DJF
46.   Head of Retail Design Management349,622 DJF
47.   Due Diligence Analyst347,470 DJF
48.   Lab Manager344,628 DJF
49.   Associate Producer342,226 DJF
50.   DNA Analyst339,959 DJF
51.   Financial Reporting Manager338,152 DJF
52.   Banking Operations Department Manager336,257 DJF
53.   Human Resources Consultant334,985 DJF
54.   Insurance Program Manager333,358 DJF
55.   Airfield Management Specialist332,609 DJF
56.   Client Delivery Manager330,640 DJF
57.   Property Manager329,557 DJF
58.   Chief People Officer328,204 DJF
59.   Laboratory Supervisor 326,640 DJF
60.   Airline Pilot324,982 DJF
61.   District Manager323,930 DJF
62.   Group Home Manager322,823 DJF
63.   Head Coach321,585 DJF
64.   Contracts Manager320,499 DJF
65.   Production Manager319,311 DJF
66.   Fleet Controller318,337 DJF
67.   Localization Manager317,539 DJF
68.   Benefits Manager315,982 DJF
69.   Computer Scientist315,190 DJF
70.   Product Development Scientist314,412 DJF
71.   Advanced Practice Provider313,140 DJF

How much money does a person working in Djibouti make?

277,563 DJF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Djibouti typically earns around 277,563 DJF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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