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Best Paying Jobs in Estonia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist54,458 EEK
2.   Clinical Psychologist49,029 EEK
3.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine44,170 EEK
4.   Psychiatrist41,355 EEK
5.   Counseling Psychologist37,725 EEK
6.   Orthotist34,717 EEK
7.   Finance President32,937 EEK
8.   Physician - Ophthalmology30,858 EEK
9.   Global Wholesale Manager29,390 EEK
10.   Investment Advisor28,340 EEK
11.   Bank Operations Head27,776 EEK
12.   Registered Dietitian27,344 EEK
13.   Operations Director27,042 EEK
14.   Deputy Director26,659 EEK
15.   Chief Commercial Officer26,339 EEK
16.   Commercial Leasing Manager26,020 EEK
17.   Global Technical Lead25,483 EEK
18.   Psychologist25,288 EEK
19.   Professor - Marketing25,093 EEK
20.   Quality Assurance Manager24,801 EEK
21.   Bank Branch Manager24,635 EEK
22.   Finance Executive24,509 EEK
23.   Professor - Philosophy24,314 EEK
24.   Fraud Detection Manager24,209 EEK
25.   Director of Production Planning24,021 EEK
26.   Supply Chain Manager23,896 EEK
27.   Professor - Special Education23,729 EEK
28.   Market Development Manager23,620 EEK
29.   Head of Projects23,339 EEK
30.   AML Analyst23,182 EEK
31.   Distribution Director23,098 EEK
32.   Property Operations Manager22,854 EEK
33.   Human Resources Manager22,735 EEK
34.   Service Delivery Manager22,580 EEK
35.   Technical Director22,459 EEK
36.   Head of Communications22,328 EEK
37.   Mathematician22,199 EEK
38.   Bank Programme Manager22,028 EEK
39.   Government Affairs Advisor21,871 EEK
40.   Accounting Manager21,701 EEK
41.   Human Resources Development Manager21,594 EEK
42.   Banking Product Manager21,476 EEK
43.   Head of School21,306 EEK
44.   Director of Rehabilitation Services21,164 EEK
45.   Import and Procurement Manager21,005 EEK
46.   Water Ecologist20,830 EEK
47.   Cards Marketing Manager20,725 EEK
48.   Technology Vice President20,592 EEK
49.   Lab Manager20,441 EEK
50.   Quality Assurance Manager20,309 EEK
51.   Cash Management Manager20,175 EEK
52.   Legal Consultant20,096 EEK
53.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager20,016 EEK
54.   Government Officer19,936 EEK
55.   Export Services Manager19,841 EEK
56.   Advertising Manager19,732 EEK
57.   Distribution Manager19,635 EEK
58.   Senor Environmental Health Practitioner19,574 EEK
59.   Environmental Scientist19,481 EEK
60.   Waste Management Manager19,427 EEK
61.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager19,314 EEK
62.   Catering Manager19,221 EEK
63.   Contracts Manager19,172 EEK
64.   Infection Control Practitioner19,121 EEK
65.   Nursing Director19,070 EEK
66.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader19,028 EEK
67.   Beauty Supply Manager18,954 EEK
68.   Environmental Health and Safety Manager18,893 EEK
69.   Meteorologist18,843 EEK
70.   Biomedical Engineering Director18,791 EEK
71.   Testing Manager18,733 EEK

How much money does a person working in Estonia make?

16,802 EEK per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Estonia typically earns around 16,802 EEK per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Tallinn17,611 EEK
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