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Best Paying Jobs in Ethiopia 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Cardiovascular Specialist32,400 ETB
2.   Physician - Radiation Therapy28,200 ETB
3.   Anesthesiologist26,300 ETB
4.   Endodontist25,700 ETB
5.   Neurologist24,100 ETB
6.   Psychiatrist23,000 ETB
7.   Physician - Infectious Disease22,200 ETB
8.   Perfusionist21,000 ETB
9.   Physician - Pediatrics19,800 ETB
10.   Chairman of The Board19,100 ETB
11.   Bank Manager18,600 ETB
12.   President17,600 ETB
13.   Regional Director of Operations17,000 ETB
14.   Healthcare Practitioner16,500 ETB
15.   Executive Manager16,000 ETB
16.   General Medical Practitioner15,600 ETB
17.   Country Manager15,300 ETB
18.   Operations Executive15,100 ETB
19.   Director of Board14,900 ETB
20.   Chief Marketing Officer 14,700 ETB
21.   Physical Therapist14,600 ETB
22.   College President14,400 ETB
23.   Corporate Services General Manager14,300 ETB
24.   Sales Manager14,200 ETB
25.   Risk Management Director14,000 ETB
26.   Quality Director14,000 ETB
27.   Sales Director13,800 ETB
28.   Director of Project Management13,700 ETB
29.   Professor - Architecture13,600 ETB
30.   Supply Chain Director13,600 ETB
31.   Deputy Manager13,500 ETB
32.   Epidemiologist13,500 ETB
33.   Business Development Manager13,400 ETB
34.   Ocean Services Manager13,300 ETB
35.   Professor - Environmental Engineering13,300 ETB
36.   Professor - Geological Sciences13,200 ETB
37.   Professor - Computer Science13,200 ETB
38.   Math Lecturer13,100 ETB
39.   Online Banking Manager13,100 ETB
40.   MIS Executive13,000 ETB
41.   Chief Information Technology Officer13,000 ETB
42.   Information Technology Director13,000 ETB
43.   Head of Executive Search12,900 ETB
44.   Media Sales Manager12,900 ETB
45.   Business Development Manager12,800 ETB
46.   Public Relations Manager12,700 ETB
47.   Media Relation Executive12,700 ETB
48.   Fraud Prevention Manager12,700 ETB
49.   Group Head of Human Resources12,600 ETB
50.   International Tax Director12,600 ETB
51.   Head of Investment12,600 ETB
52.   Head of Communications12,500 ETB
53.   PMO Manager12,500 ETB
54.   Hardware Engineering Manager12,400 ETB
55.   Head of Information Technology12,400 ETB
56.   Physicist12,300 ETB
57.   Petroleum Geologist12,300 ETB
58.   Relationship Manager12,300 ETB
59.   Service Delivery Manager12,200 ETB
60.   Paralegal12,200 ETB
61.   Auditing Manager12,100 ETB
62.   Director of Client Services12,100 ETB
63.   Sales Account Manager12,000 ETB
64.   Head of Human Resources12,000 ETB
65.   Geoscientist12,000 ETB
66.   Digital Marketing Manager11,900 ETB
67.   Planning and Supply Manager11,900 ETB
68.   Derivative Trader11,800 ETB
69.   Chemist11,700 ETB
70.   Campaign Manager11,700 ETB
71.   Client Account Manager11,600 ETB
72.   Assistant Managing Director11,600 ETB
73.   Bid Manager11,500 ETB
74.   Government Affairs Advisor11,500 ETB
75.   Day Spa Manager11,400 ETB
76.   Physical Scientist11,400 ETB
77.   Corporate Strategy Analyst11,300 ETB
78.   Retention Executive11,300 ETB
79.   Branch Manager11,300 ETB
80.   Recreation Manager11,200 ETB
81.   Credit Risk Analyst11,100 ETB
82.   ERP Project Manager11,100 ETB
83.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager11,100 ETB
84.   Lab Manager11,000 ETB
85.   Assistant Finance Manager11,000 ETB
86.   Legal Consultant10,900 ETB
87.   Government Officer10,900 ETB
88.   Head of Retail Design Management10,900 ETB
89.   Investor Relations Manager10,800 ETB
90.   Online Marketing Manager10,800 ETB
91.   Technology Director10,800 ETB
92.   Publishing and Printing Manager10,700 ETB
93.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager10,700 ETB
94.   Change Impact Analyst10,700 ETB
95.   Training Manager10,700 ETB
96.   Assistant Information Technology Manager10,600 ETB
97.   Export Services Manager10,600 ETB
98.   Bank Auditing Manager10,600 ETB
99.   E-Commerce Manager10,500 ETB
100.   Business Intelligence Team Leader10,500 ETB
101.   Media Operations Manager10,500 ETB
102.   Risk Management Supervisor10,500 ETB
103.   Print Production Manager10,400 ETB
104.   Veterinary Office Manager10,400 ETB
105.   Telecommunication Solution Architect10,400 ETB
106.   Guidance Director10,300 ETB
107.   Accounting Head10,300 ETB
108.   Risk Management Specialist10,300 ETB
109.   Medical Office Manager10,300 ETB
110.   Engineering Project Director10,300 ETB
111.   Arbitrator10,300 ETB
112.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant10,200 ETB
113.   Neurophysiology Technologist10,200 ETB
114.   Legal Advisor10,200 ETB
115.   Logistics Manager10,200 ETB
116.   Call Center Manager10,200 ETB
117.   Mortgage Collection Manager10,200 ETB
118.   Chiropractor10,100 ETB
119.   Legal Counsel10,100 ETB
120.   Clinical Policy Developer10,100 ETB
121.   Telecommunications Assistant Manager10,100 ETB
122.   Safety Manager10,000 ETB
123.   Data Security Manager10,000 ETB
124.   Laboratory Manager10,000 ETB
125.   Corporate Recruiter10,000 ETB

How much money does a person working in Ethiopia make?

Average Monthly Salary
8,970 ETB
( 108,000 ETB yearly)


A person working in Ethiopia typically earns around 8,970 ETB per month. Salaries range from 1,210 ETB (lowest average) to 39,700 ETB (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Adis Abeba9,460 ETB
Gonder8,720 ETB
Mekele7,760 ETB

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