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Best Paying Jobs in Alexandria

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma35,187 EGP
2.   Endodontist29,870 EGP
3.   Physician - Physiatry28,014 EGP
4.   Medical Director24,852 EGP
5.   Executive Director22,986 EGP
6.   Financial Manager21,038 EGP
7.   Corporate Treasurer19,713 EGP
8.   Director of Board18,947 EGP
9.   Pharmacy Manager18,304 EGP
10.   Speech and Language Pathologist17,901 EGP
11.   Operations Manager17,593 EGP
12.   Commercial Leasing Manager17,319 EGP
13.   Management Executive17,105 EGP
14.   Director of Medical Staff Services16,896 EGP
15.   Relationship Manager16,756 EGP
16.   Professor - Special Education16,568 EGP
17.   Supply Chain Director16,363 EGP
18.   Lawyer16,240 EGP
19.   Import and Export Manager16,192 EGP
20.   Internal Bank Audit Manager16,016 EGP
21.   Audiologist15,912 EGP
22.   Biological Scientist15,780 EGP
23.   Power Plant Operations Manager15,584 EGP
24.   Corporate Compliance Director15,514 EGP
25.   Executive Human Capital Management15,428 EGP
26.   Hotel Manager15,324 EGP
27.   Engineering Lecturer15,157 EGP
28.   International Tax Director14,934 EGP
29.   General Manager14,887 EGP
30.   Cards Marketing Manager14,774 EGP
31.   Finance Relationship Manager14,587 EGP
32.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager14,453 EGP
33.   Community Development Manager14,321 EGP
34.   Estimating Manager14,189 EGP
35.   Service Delivery Manager14,080 EGP
36.   HSE Manager13,939 EGP
37.   Technology Development Manager13,804 EGP
38.   Project Manager13,657 EGP
39.   Recreation Manager13,533 EGP
40.   Energy Dispatch Director13,525 EGP
41.   Energy Advisor13,393 EGP
42.   Insurance Sales Director13,263 EGP
43.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor13,255 EGP
44.   Guidance Director13,127 EGP
45.   Dental Therapist13,117 EGP
46.   Training and Development Manager12,995 EGP
47.   Investor Relations Manager12,986 EGP
48.   Business Operations Lead12,862 EGP
49.   Arbitrator12,857 EGP
50.   Compliance Specialist12,812 EGP
51.   Education Consultant12,721 EGP
52.   Trainer12,672 EGP
53.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director12,598 EGP
54.   School Counselor12,564 EGP
55.   Security Manager12,532 EGP

How much money does a person working in Alexandria make?

10,780 EGP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Alexandria typically earns around 10,780 EGP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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