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Best Paying Jobs in France

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology16,985 EUR
2.   Clinical Psychologist15,044 EUR
3.   Orthodontist14,084 EUR
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology13,251 EUR
5.   Obstetrician12,432 EUR
6.   Pediatrician11,665 EUR
7.   Counseling Psychologist11,040 EUR
8.   Chairman of The Board10,360 EUR
9.   Chief Financial Officer9,989 EUR
10.   Executive Manager9,319 EUR
11.   Top Research and Development Executive8,884 EUR
12.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor8,578 EUR
13.   Corporate Treasurer8,493 EUR
14.   Country Manager8,288 EUR
15.   Deputy CFO8,220 EUR
16.   Quality Director8,139 EUR
17.   Management Executive8,045 EUR
18.   Area Sales Director7,959 EUR
19.   Regional Sales Manager7,870 EUR
20.   Certified Respiratory Therapist7,796 EUR
21.   Deputy Managing Director7,712 EUR
22.   Chief Commercial Officer7,633 EUR
23.   Professor - Chemical Engineering7,597 EUR
24.   Engagement Manager7,551 EUR
25.   Marketing and Business Development Manager7,528 EUR
26.   Global Master Data Manager7,476 EUR
27.   Hospitality Director7,396 EUR
28.   Government Property Inspector7,353 EUR
29.   Chairman Office Manager7,326 EUR
30.   Professor - Education7,297 EUR
31.   Human Resources Director7,265 EUR
32.   Territory Manager7,248 EUR
33.   Professor - English7,214 EUR
34.   Professor - Industrial Engineering7,187 EUR
35.   Knowledge Manager7,144 EUR
36.   Professor - Business Administration7,116 EUR
37.   Shopping Center Manager7,069 EUR
38.   Head of Human Resources7,018 EUR
39.   Property Operations Manager6,985 EUR
40.   Fundraising Manager6,955 EUR
41.   General Manager6,896 EUR
42.   Director of Training and Development6,878 EUR
43.   Director of Client Services6,850 EUR
44.   Investment Banking Analyst6,807 EUR
45.   Geologist6,775 EUR
46.   Talent Acquisition Manager6,739 EUR
47.   Mortgage Development Manager6,702 EUR
48.   Quality Assurance Executive6,664 EUR
49.   Operations Analyst6,638 EUR
50.   AML Analyst6,593 EUR
51.   Import and Procurement Manager6,538 EUR
52.   Operations Supervisor6,504 EUR
53.   R/D Director6,465 EUR
54.   Sustainability Specialist6,434 EUR
55.   Private Sector Executive6,417 EUR
56.   Corporate Affairs Executive6,361 EUR
57.   Geoscientist6,328 EUR
58.   Division Manager6,306 EUR
59.   Training Executive6,275 EUR
60.   Supply Chain Development Manager6,244 EUR
61.   Asset Protection Associate6,208 EUR
62.   Property Manager6,176 EUR
63.   Assistant Marketing Manager6,136 EUR
64.   Physical Scientist6,113 EUR
65.   Recreation Manager6,078 EUR
66.   Human Resources Services Manager6,053 EUR
67.   Campaign Manager6,030 EUR
68.   Restaurant Manager6,006 EUR
69.   Associate Producer5,981 EUR
70.   Youth Care Counselor5,965 EUR
71.   Media Design Manager5,945 EUR
72.   Agricultural Manager5,925 EUR
73.   Mining Project Manager5,897 EUR
74.   Supervising Counselor5,879 EUR
75.   Waste Management Manager5,862 EUR
76.   Medical Records Director5,835 EUR
77.   Import and Export Consultant5,825 EUR
78.   Information Technology Asset Manager5,809 EUR
79.   Field Engineering Manager5,794 EUR
80.   Investor Relations Manager5,786 EUR
81.   Technical Service Director5,775 EUR
82.   Bankruptcy Coordinator5,748 EUR
83.   Contracts Manager5,740 EUR
84.   Engineering Teacher5,725 EUR
85.   Medical Office Manager5,710 EUR
86.   Production Director5,695 EUR
87.   Industrial Hygienist5,683 EUR
88.   Human Resources Executive5,676 EUR
89.   Wind Energy Operations Manager5,659 EUR
90.   Biomedical Engineering Director5,648 EUR

How much money does a person working in France make?

5,070 EUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in France typically earns around 5,070 EUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bordeaux4,706 EUR
Lille4,647 EUR
Lyon5,364 EUR
Marseille5,471 EUR
Montpellier4,872 EUR
Nantes5,095 EUR
Nice5,202 EUR
Paris5,626 EUR
Strasbourg5,042 EUR
Toulouse5,361 EUR
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