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Best Paying Jobs in Sharm el-Sheikh

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist34,516 EGP
2.   Physician - Radiology30,361 EGP
3.   Orthodontist27,395 EGP
4.   Physician - Gastroenterology25,693 EGP
5.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine24,071 EGP
6.   Orthotist22,474 EGP
7.   Executive Director21,345 EGP
8.   Bank Manager19,942 EGP
9.   Physician - Otolaryngology18,765 EGP
10.   Allergist18,162 EGP
11.   International Banking Manager17,486 EGP
12.   Brand Executive16,995 EGP
13.   Group Marketing Manager16,645 EGP
14.   COO16,313 EGP
15.   Investment Advisor16,050 EGP
16.   Supply Chain Director15,886 EGP
17.   Group Branch Manager15,770 EGP
18.   Operations Executive15,572 EGP
19.   Planning Director15,439 EGP
20.   Global Technical Lead15,261 EGP
21.   Phlebotomist15,186 EGP
22.   Assistant Pharmacy Director15,029 EGP
23.   Information Technology Director14,938 EGP
24.   General Counsel14,859 EGP
25.   Market Development Manager14,790 EGP
26.   Director of Project Management14,648 EGP
27.   Corporate Director14,593 EGP
28.   Director of Training and Development14,512 EGP
29.   Portfolio Manager14,482 EGP
30.   Quality Manager14,369 EGP
31.   Technical Director14,260 EGP
32.   Operations Manager14,194 EGP
33.   Shopping Center Manager14,124 EGP
34.   Information Technology Manager14,064 EGP
35.   Vice President Sales14,018 EGP
36.   Director of Product Management13,945 EGP
37.   Operations Supervisor13,873 EGP
38.   Professor - Rehabilitation13,802 EGP
39.   Product Marketing Manager13,748 EGP
40.   Geophysicist13,683 EGP
41.   R/D Director13,569 EGP
42.   Natural Sciences Manager13,442 EGP
43.   Ecologist13,346 EGP
44.   Bank Operations Specialist13,302 EGP
45.   Financial Systems Manager13,199 EGP
46.   Director of Catering Services13,100 EGP
47.   Fundraising Manager13,051 EGP
48.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager12,958 EGP
49.   ERP Project Manager12,893 EGP
50.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist12,846 EGP
51.   Sales Manager12,799 EGP
52.   Staff Attorney12,708 EGP
53.   Nursery Manager12,614 EGP
54.   Market Segmentation Director12,511 EGP
55.   Investment Fund Manager12,448 EGP
56.   Production Director12,371 EGP
57.   Human Resources Executive12,277 EGP
58.   Sociologist12,237 EGP
59.   Assistant Marketing Manager12,165 EGP
60.   Director of Application Development12,132 EGP
61.   SAP Resource Manager12,092 EGP
62.   Risk Management Supervisor12,057 EGP
63.   Export Services Manager12,010 EGP
64.   Biochemist11,962 EGP
65.   Business Development Executive11,903 EGP
66.   Chief Pilot11,872 EGP
67.   Investment Analyst11,841 EGP
68.   Solar Energy Installation Manager11,806 EGP
69.   Approval Team Manager11,759 EGP
70.   Actor11,706 EGP
71.   Art Lead11,678 EGP
72.   Corporate Banker11,619 EGP
73.   Human Resources Officer11,589 EGP
74.   Revenue Manager11,561 EGP
75.   Animal Scientist11,499 EGP
76.   Principal11,467 EGP
77.   Aircraft Maintenance Manager11,439 EGP
78.   Bank Auditing Manager11,402 EGP
79.   Publishing and Printing Supervisor11,384 EGP
80.   Art Director11,358 EGP
81.   Biologist11,330 EGP
82.   Revenue Manager11,295 EGP
83.   Restaurant Manager11,272 EGP

How much money does a person working in Sharm el-Sheikh make?

10,171 EGP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Sharm el-Sheikh typically earns around 10,171 EGP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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