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Best Paying Jobs in Georgia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Clinical Psychologist20,505 GEL
2.   Radiologist18,401 GEL
3.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation16,729 GEL
4.   Preventive Medicine Physician14,966 GEL
5.   CEO13,887 GEL
6.   Surgical Assistant12,603 GEL
7.   Franchise Manager11,974 GEL
8.   Top Research and Development Executive11,422 GEL
9.   Area Sales Director11,073 GEL
10.   Deputy Head of Finance10,871 GEL
11.   Telecommunications Manager10,662 GEL
12.   Area Sales Manager10,456 GEL
13.   Credit Portfolio Manager10,240 GEL
14.   Inventory Accountant10,050 GEL
15.   Finance Executive10,029 GEL
16.   Director of Product Management9,954 GEL
17.   Global Technical Lead9,842 GEL
18.   Fundraising Development Director9,786 GEL
19.   Information Technology Manager9,678 GEL
20.   Project Control Manager9,644 GEL
21.   Professor - Geological Sciences9,486 GEL
22.   Head of Investment9,453 GEL
23.   Director of Operations9,374 GEL
24.   Professor - Psychology9,295 GEL
25.   Head of Human Resources9,245 GEL
26.   Engineering Lecturer9,186 GEL
27.   Emergency Management Director9,103 GEL
28.   Client Account Manager9,034 GEL
29.   Trade Marketing Manager8,950 GEL
30.   Knowledge Manager8,872 GEL
31.   Vice President of Finance8,795 GEL
32.   Service Delivery Manager8,744 GEL
33.   Project Manager8,665 GEL
34.   Cards Marketing Manager8,603 GEL
35.   Professor - Rehabilitation8,487 GEL
36.   Digital Marketing Strategist 8,429 GEL
37.   Water Ecologist8,332 GEL
38.   Depot Manager8,271 GEL
39.   Key Acoount Manager8,202 GEL
40.   Aviation Resources Manager8,177 GEL
41.   Tax Research Manager8,101 GEL
42.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager8,038 GEL
43.   Airport Services Manager8,024 GEL
44.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager7,956 GEL
45.   Assistant Hospitality Manager7,879 GEL
46.   Patient Safety Manager7,874 GEL
47.   Call Center Manager7,862 GEL
48.   Arbitrator7,792 GEL
49.   Head of Sustainability7,792 GEL
50.   Charities Fundraiser7,718 GEL
51.   Ward Manager7,696 GEL
52.   Construction Project Manager7,638 GEL
53.   Fraud Detection Supervisor7,611 GEL
54.   Clinical Neuropsychologist7,561 GEL
55.   External Sales Account Manager7,546 GEL
56.   Project Manager7,528 GEL
57.   Training Manager7,484 GEL
58.   Intelligence Research Specialist7,464 GEL

How much money does a person working in Georgia make?

6,800 GEL per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Georgia typically earns around 6,800 GEL per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Batumi6,909 GEL
Tbilisi7,437 GEL
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