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Best Paying Jobs in Ghana

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist17,838 GHS
2.   Surgeon - Burn15,056 GHS
3.   Orthodontist14,484 GHS
4.   Radiologist13,560 GHS
5.   Physician12,717 GHS
6.   Physician - Pediatrics12,058 GHS
7.   Exercise Physiologist11,364 GHS
8.   Chief Executive Officer10,832 GHS
9.   Chief Financial Officer10,472 GHS
10.   Finance Director9,803 GHS
11.   Finance Manager9,327 GHS
12.   Chief Corporate Officer8,972 GHS
13.   Global Wholesale Manager8,664 GHS
14.   Chief Marketing Officer 8,561 GHS
15.   Director of Marketing8,387 GHS
16.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist8,266 GHS
17.   Operations Director8,211 GHS
18.   Deputy General Manager8,093 GHS
19.   Marketing Director7,992 GHS
20.   Sales Manager7,903 GHS
21.   Professor - Medicine7,831 GHS
22.   Engagement Manager7,766 GHS
23.   Sales Executive7,718 GHS
24.   Vice President Sales7,630 GHS
25.   Director of Sales7,601 GHS
26.   Director of Strategic Supplier Relations7,567 GHS
27.   Sales Director7,538 GHS
28.   Brand Ambassador7,484 GHS
29.   Professor - Chemical Engineering7,444 GHS
30.   Psychologist7,396 GHS
31.   Cash Management Manager7,350 GHS
32.   Power Plant Operations Manager7,309 GHS
33.   Purchasing and Product Development Director7,291 GHS
34.   National Human Resource Manager7,250 GHS
35.   Chief Product Officer7,238 GHS
36.   International Tax Director7,214 GHS
37.   Director of Training and Development7,186 GHS
38.   Sales Admin Executive7,148 GHS
39.   Human Resources Executive Director7,126 GHS
40.   Bank Branch Manager7,094 GHS
41.   Marketing Executive7,072 GHS
42.   Client Services Manager7,037 GHS
43.   Academic Clinician6,973 GHS
44.   Professor - English6,934 GHS
45.   Head of Information Technology6,910 GHS
46.   Trade Marketing Executive6,880 GHS
47.   Pharmaceutical Manager6,850 GHS
48.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist6,801 GHS
49.   National Customer Solution Specialist6,767 GHS
50.   Medical Insurance Manager6,724 GHS
51.   Chemist6,689 GHS
52.   Assistant Operations Manager6,664 GHS
53.   Bank Project Manager6,639 GHS
54.   Staff Attorney6,617 GHS
55.   Industrial Production Manager6,593 GHS
56.   Head of Retail6,548 GHS
57.   Aviation Safety Manager6,504 GHS
58.   Trade Marketing Manager6,465 GHS
59.   Financial Systems Manager6,432 GHS
60.   Bank Propositions Manager6,413 GHS
61.   Sales Executive6,378 GHS
62.   Credit Analyst6,346 GHS
63.   Cluster Director6,319 GHS
64.   Media Operations Manager6,285 GHS
65.   Director of Research6,254 GHS
66.   R/D Director6,230 GHS
67.   Bank Relationship Manager6,212 GHS
68.   Key Affiliate Manager6,185 GHS
69.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager6,172 GHS
70.   Associate Product Manager6,138 GHS
71.   Loan Area Manager6,112 GHS
72.   Asset Protection Associate6,088 GHS
73.   Clinical School Psychologist6,065 GHS
74.   Export Services Manager6,034 GHS
75.   Infection Control Practitioner6,000 GHS
76.   Restaurant Manager5,983 GHS
77.   Academic Manager5,969 GHS
78.   Veterinary Office Manager5,960 GHS
79.   Department Supervisor5,937 GHS
80.   Medical Office Manager5,914 GHS
81.   Cluster Revenue Manager5,897 GHS
82.   Director of Engineering5,870 GHS
83.   Bank Accounts Manager5,856 GHS
84.   Product Quality Leader5,837 GHS
85.   Sport and Recreation Manager5,813 GHS
86.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist5,798 GHS
87.   Investor Relations Manager5,786 GHS
88.   Chief Pilot5,766 GHS
89.   Quality Assurance Supervisor5,753 GHS
90.   Testing Manager5,742 GHS
91.   Aviation Analyst5,728 GHS
92.   Lecturer5,717 GHS
93.   Assistant Hospitality Manager5,706 GHS
94.   Revenue Manager5,694 GHS
95.   Architectural Manager5,681 GHS
96.   Head Coach5,672 GHS
97.   Development Manager5,657 GHS
98.   Telecommunications Analyst5,638 GHS
99.   Service Delivery Manager5,631 GHS
100.   Talent Management Officer5,624 GHS

How much money does a person working in Ghana make?

5,110 GHS per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Ghana typically earns around 5,110 GHS per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Accra5,428 GHS
Kumasi5,692 GHS
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