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Best Paying Jobs in Guatemala 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric28,100 GTQ
2.   Physician - Dermatology25,200 GTQ
3.   Endodontist23,700 GTQ
4.   Forensic Pathologist22,000 GTQ
5.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine20,400 GTQ
6.   Clinical Director19,600 GTQ
7.   Physician - Emergency Room18,700 GTQ
8.   Psychometrician17,600 GTQ
9.   Bank Manager16,800 GTQ
10.   Financial Director15,700 GTQ
11.   Director of Finance15,500 GTQ
12.   Physician - Geriatrics14,700 GTQ
13.   Physician - Pain Medicine14,400 GTQ
14.   Brand Executive14,200 GTQ
15.   Business Development Director13,900 GTQ
16.   Sales Director13,600 GTQ
17.   Quality Director13,400 GTQ
18.   Registered Respiratory Therapist13,200 GTQ
19.   Professor - Physical Therapy13,100 GTQ
20.   Director of Marketing13,000 GTQ
21.   Operations Director12,900 GTQ
22.   Management Executive12,800 GTQ
23.   Product Development Manager12,600 GTQ
24.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead12,500 GTQ
25.   Operational Manager12,500 GTQ
26.   Portfolio Manager12,400 GTQ
27.   Certified Respiratory Therapist12,400 GTQ
28.   Power Plant Operations Manager12,300 GTQ
29.   Government Property Inspector12,200 GTQ
30.   National Account Manager12,100 GTQ
31.   State Advisor12,100 GTQ
32.   Psychologist12,000 GTQ
33.   Global Master Data Manager11,900 GTQ
34.   Professor - Architecture11,900 GTQ
35.   Production Executive11,800 GTQ
36.   Hotel Manager11,700 GTQ
37.   Head of Retail11,700 GTQ
38.   Exploration Manager11,600 GTQ
39.   Health Compliance Director11,600 GTQ
40.   Vice President Sales11,600 GTQ
41.   Professor - Industrial Engineering11,500 GTQ
42.   Industrial Production Manager11,500 GTQ
43.   Rehabilitation Services Manager11,400 GTQ
44.   Respiratory Care Practitioner11,400 GTQ
45.   Loans Manager11,400 GTQ
46.   Media Relation Executive11,300 GTQ
47.   Marketing Vice President11,200 GTQ
48.   Economic Development Specialist11,100 GTQ
49.   Professor - Rehabilitation11,100 GTQ
50.   Business Manager11,100 GTQ
51.   Head of Supply Chain11,000 GTQ
52.   Tax Research Manager11,000 GTQ
53.   Credit Risk Analyst10,900 GTQ
54.   Due Diligence Analyst10,900 GTQ
55.   Project Manager10,800 GTQ
56.   Fraud Prevention Manager10,800 GTQ
57.   Customer Service Manager10,700 GTQ
58.   Manager10,600 GTQ
59.   Department Manager10,600 GTQ
60.   Water Ecologist10,500 GTQ
61.   Insurance Manager10,500 GTQ
62.   Distribution Manager10,400 GTQ
63.   Client Delivery Manager10,400 GTQ
64.   Assistant Operations Manager10,300 GTQ
65.   Trade Marketing Manager10,300 GTQ
66.   Loan Audit Team Leader10,200 GTQ
67.   Clinical Neuropsychologist10,200 GTQ
68.   District Sales Manager10,100 GTQ
69.   Aircraft Quality Assurance10,000 GTQ
70.   Branch Manager10,000 GTQ
71.   Engineering Manager9,980 GTQ
72.   Chemical Plant Operator9,950 GTQ
73.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager9,930 GTQ
74.   Contracts Manager9,910 GTQ
75.   Psychometrist9,880 GTQ
76.   Supply Chain Development Manager9,860 GTQ
77.   Operational Excellence General Manager9,810 GTQ
78.   Budget Manager9,790 GTQ
79.   Education Researcher9,760 GTQ
80.   Commercial Project Manager9,740 GTQ
81.   Product and Brand Manager9,720 GTQ
82.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director9,680 GTQ
83.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant9,640 GTQ
84.   Cluster Director9,610 GTQ
85.   Education Assistant Professor9,600 GTQ
86.   Cash Management Manager9,580 GTQ
87.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist9,540 GTQ
88.   Quality and Safety Site Leader9,520 GTQ
89.   Actuarial Analyst9,500 GTQ
90.   Dental Therapist9,470 GTQ
91.   Catering Manager9,430 GTQ
92.   Fleet Controller9,410 GTQ
93.   Localization Manager9,380 GTQ
94.   Global Mobility Manager9,370 GTQ
95.   Program Lead9,340 GTQ
96.   Chief Engineer9,320 GTQ
97.   Labor Relations Director9,290 GTQ
98.   Data Security Manager9,260 GTQ
99.   Clinical Data Manager9,240 GTQ
100.   Operations Manager9,220 GTQ

How much money does a person working in Guatemala make?

Average Monthly Salary
8,450 GTQ
( 101,000 GTQ yearly)


A person working in Guatemala typically earns around 8,450 GTQ per month. Salaries range from 1,140 GTQ (lowest average) to 37,400 GTQ (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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