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Best Paying Jobs in Iceland 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology2,360,000 ISK
2.   Cardiology Manager1,960,000 ISK
3.   Surgeon - Burn1,870,000 ISK
4.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology1,730,000 ISK
5.   Preventive Medicine Physician1,610,000 ISK
6.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1,570,000 ISK
7.   CEO1,470,000 ISK
8.   Regional Director1,370,000 ISK
9.   Regional Director of Operations1,310,000 ISK
10.   Financial Manager1,250,000 ISK
11.   Vice President1,200,000 ISK
12.   Chief Corporate Officer1,160,000 ISK
13.   Director of Business Development1,130,000 ISK
14.   Director of Marketing1,110,000 ISK
15.   Regional Sales Director1,100,000 ISK
16.   Head of Strategy1,090,000 ISK
17.   Government Affairs Director1,080,000 ISK
18.   Deputy Manager1,070,000 ISK
19.   Planning Director1,060,000 ISK
20.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering1,050,000 ISK
21.   Chief Commercial Officer1,040,000 ISK
22.   Zone Manager1,030,000 ISK
23.   Production Manager1,020,000 ISK
24.   Manufacturing Manager1,020,000 ISK
25.   Online Banking Manager1,010,000 ISK
26.   Bank Operational Risk Manager1,000,000 ISK
27.   Quality Assurance Manager998,000 ISK
28.   MIS Executive987,000 ISK
29.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences981,000 ISK
30.   Corporate Director of Human Resources977,000 ISK
31.   Chief Information Technology Officer975,000 ISK
32.   Purchasing Manager970,000 ISK
33.   Manager966,000 ISK
34.   Hospitality Director962,000 ISK
35.   Chief Information Officer958,000 ISK
36.   Marketing and Business Development Manager955,000 ISK
37.   Banking Business Planning Executive946,000 ISK
38.   Professor - Marketing940,000 ISK
39.   General Manager936,000 ISK
40.   Fraud Prevention Manager931,000 ISK
41.   Public Relations Manager927,000 ISK
42.   Pharmaceutical Researcher923,000 ISK
43.   Import and Procurement Manager916,000 ISK
44.   Market Development Executive909,000 ISK
45.   Head of Retail905,000 ISK
46.   Political Scientist901,000 ISK
47.   Media Relation Executive897,000 ISK
48.   Recruiting Manager893,000 ISK
49.   Information Systems Manager889,000 ISK
50.   Distribution Executive883,000 ISK
51.   Customer Service Manager877,000 ISK
52.   Credit Risk Analyst871,000 ISK
53.   Director of Rehabilitation Services866,000 ISK
54.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist860,000 ISK
55.   Investment Fund Manager856,000 ISK
56.   Supervisor850,000 ISK
57.   Risk Modeling Manager845,000 ISK
58.   Human Resources Development Manager840,000 ISK
59.   Media Design Manager833,000 ISK
60.   Bank Programme Manager827,000 ISK
61.   Director of Application Development822,000 ISK
62.   Corporate Strategy Analyst819,000 ISK
63.   DNA Analyst816,000 ISK
64.   Publishing and Printing Manager813,000 ISK
65.   Assistant Manager810,000 ISK
66.   Nursery Manager806,000 ISK
67.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager802,000 ISK
68.   Laboratory Supervisor 799,000 ISK
69.   Youth Care Counselor795,000 ISK
70.   Patient Safety Manager794,000 ISK
71.   Data Security Manager791,000 ISK
72.   Service Delivery Manager789,000 ISK
73.   Research Scientist786,000 ISK
74.   Advanced Practice Provider783,000 ISK
75.   CME Specialist782,000 ISK
76.   Financial Reporting Manager780,000 ISK
77.   Online Marketing Manager778,000 ISK
78.   Respiratory Manager776,000 ISK
79.   Group Home Manager775,000 ISK
80.   Scientist772,000 ISK
81.   Hotel Sales Manager770,000 ISK
82.   Technology Director768,000 ISK
83.   Corporate Dealer766,000 ISK
84.   Fraud Detection Supervisor764,000 ISK
85.   Real Estate Valuer762,000 ISK
86.   Genetic Engineer759,000 ISK
87.   Export Supervisor758,000 ISK
88.   Tendering Manager757,000 ISK
89.   Employment Counselor755,000 ISK
90.   Mortgage Collection Manager754,000 ISK

How much money does a person working in Iceland make?

Average Monthly Salary
693,000 ISK
( 8,310,000 ISK yearly)


A person working in Iceland typically earns around 693,000 ISK per month. Salaries range from 93,700 ISK (lowest average) to 3,070,000 ISK (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Reykjavik730,000 ISK

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