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Best Paying Jobs in Zimbabwe

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Average Monthly Salary in Zimbabwe: 1,839 ZWD

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[1]   Process Engineer (Engineering)4,500 ZWD
[2]   Geologist (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)3,500 ZWD
[3]   Project Manager (Executive and Management)2,900 ZWD
[4]   General Manager (Executive and Management)2,050 ZWD
[5]   Purchasing Manager (Purchasing and Inventory)2,000 ZWD
[6]   Administrator (Accounting and Finance)2,000 ZWD
[7]   Import / Export Manager (Import and Export)1,200 ZWD
[8]   Auditor ( internal ) (Accounting and Finance)1,150 ZWD
[9]   Systems Analyst (Information Technology)1,100 ZWD
[10]   Accountant (Accounting and Finance)950 ZWD
[11]   Insurance Underwriter (Insurance)900 ZWD
[12]   Real Estate Agent (Real Estate)800 ZWD
[13]   Mine Engineer (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)700 ZWD

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