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Career Development Choices: Whatís the next step?

Listed below are the five possibilities you need consider if you are in the process of changing your job for one reason or another.

Get Promoted:
Did you consider that idea of advancing within your current company? Maybe you donít have to look for another job. If you are confident that you are working hard and that you deserve a raise or a promotion then speak openly to your superiors and try to convince them that you deserve more than what you are getting.

Same Job. Different Company. Same Industry:
Your best chance. Because you have experience in a particular industry, you will have an advantage over other applicants who filled the same position but in different industries. Target you job hunt towards a particular industry to maximize your chances.

Same Job. Different Company. Different Industry:
The most general search. The type of industry does not matter to you or you have not developed enough experience in any industry that you consider an edge.

Different Job. Same Industry:
Some people develop deep understanding of the type of business in their companies and gain the ability to perform various tasks not necessarily related to their filed if expertise. This is a bold move that involves a major career switch, but you know what they say: "No guts, no glory".

Start Your Own Business:
If you have enough experience in your field and developed your own set of ideas on how to provide services, then you might be just ready to do something of your own and start your business. Donít rule out this option, start small. You could start the business while you are still employed and only quit when things are promising.

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