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1) Working Hours Per Day

  • As low as possible, even if the pay is not high.
  • Normal I guess. I am not going to turn down a good career for this reason.

2) Working Days Per Week: Five or Six

  • No way Six. It has to be five at any expense. I need two days to unwind.
  • I don't mind six working days if other factors are good.

3) Yearly Vacation

  • As long as possible please, at any cost.
  • I am not really concerned about this.

4) Gender Issues

  • I prefer a job that is mostly chosen by females.
  • I prefer a job that is mostly chosen by males.
  • I don't care for this.

5) Day Job / Night Job

  • Ofcourse night. I don't like to wake up early.
  • I am a moring person, it has to be a day job.
  • Anything, I don't care.

6) Workload

  • Minimum workload at any cost.
  • If it is something I like and enjoy, I don't mind doing it a lot.

7) Stress

  • Stress-free please.
  • I am ok with stress if other things are fine.

8) Competition

  • I don't want worry about others trying to steal my job. Competition-free job please.
  • I am fine with competition. I am confident and believe in myself.

9) Fun Factor

  • I want a job that is considered by many as fun to do.
  • Fun is a relative thing. I don't care what others say. Don't count this.

10) Difficulty

  • Something that I can do in my sleep please.
  • I don't mind handling complex tasks.

11) Job Demand

  • Find me a job that is widely available and easy to find.
  • I don't care for this. If it is something I like, I will search forever.

12) Career Domain (Optional)

Limit the choices to only jobs in the domain or job category (optional):

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